1. He will not admit that Black women should dress more modestly because that position requires him to change his immoral ideas and adulterous reactions to her nudity.

2. He won’t admit that he has sacrificed the Black child’s life by not fulfilling his responsibilities as a father.

3. He can’t agree with a self-help platform because it necessitates his becoming qualified to be independent using his own steam.

4. He can’t admit that the civil-rights movement failed because it’s easier to have blind faith in a system than to abandon it.

5. He can’t acknowledge that Black boys need to be in a separate school to address their special needs because he will have to take a more active role in their education.

6. He won’t admit that he could exert more control over the drug influx in his neighborhood because it would demand he take action to remove the problem.

7. He can’t agree that his woman rules him or that he is afraid of her because he prefers to use her misbehavior as an excuse to do the negative things he does himself.

8. He won’t say that he dislikes seeing Blackwomen with whitemen because it is an unpopular stand and could get him expelled from certain circles.

9. He doesn’t admit that he really does want to be in charge of his wife and family because he is afraid of failure and the blame it entails.

10. He can’t admit that the real reason he’s angry with the Asians/Hispanics/Arabs/etc. who buy and operate businesses in his own neighborhood is simply because he doesn’t know how to operate a business himself.

11. He won’t admit that he spends too much money outside of the African-American community because he is so enthralled with the material goodies produced by the Europeans and the Japanese.

12. He can’t accept the fact that white folks are never going to give him reparations, or apologize to him for how badly he has been treated after slavery because he feels like a chump.

13. He won’t acknowledge that he is never really as comfortable around whites as he is with his own kind because then he has to admit that the two races actually are different.

14. He can’t admit that while he publicly claims to admire [Malcolm X] that he’s too scared to make moral judgments and stand up for what he believes in like [he] did.

15. He certainly can’t admit that he would like to have two women because he has been convinced that it is wrong and unjustifiable.

16. He can’t admit that it’s wrong for Blackmen to be homosexual because he doesn’t want to offend anyone, or force his values on others, plus he’s not sure on what basis he thinks it’s wrong.

17. He can’t announce his feelings of helplessness because he thinks that he must always impress others of his massive strength even when there’s no proof that it even exists.

18. He can’t admit that he doesn’t know how to express his Black culture other than wearing African clothes or symbols.

19. He can’t admit that he has wasted a lot of time believing in and chasing rainbow colored dreams that never materialized.

20. And finally, he can’t admit that he no longer has any confidence in the American political system as a solutional base for his problems because it would require him to develop independent strategies to reach his own goals.”




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