We Did Not Go Through This To Be GAY.

One must remember that the vast majority of our ancestors enslaved were young from ten to sixteen. A very few in their mid to late teens. Who had been forced violently away from their families and tribes and place in a situation by strange pale complexion people who beat rapped tortured and psychologically manipulated into an unnatural condition until no memory of their home lands or customs existed. How are children to fight back and with what. Don’t be deceived by the propagandist that it was just the warrior class that was captured and enslaved.  Very few were because this group was the most deadly. So when you have children raising child to be submissive and weak for hundred of years you have bred a weak and insignificant people. Who now worship and follow the evil of those that enslaved your mind body and to most their spirit. In short you imitate the imitator. While today you except their religions, their manners, you celebrate their holidays and the whitewash goes on. Yet you deny your own creator or paying homage to your ancestors, or work towards unity; heck our youth and the police are killing what should be our warriors every day while those who escape are being turned out to drugs and criminal activity or locked up and you see but you never ask why or demand our leaders and preachers to come out in force against this it seems they are too busy maintaining the status quo of our enemy. But by the grace of the creator and our ancestors many of us are waking up to the reality of our plight and are begining to reach out some good some false yet creating dialog for honest discussing for solutions.

By the homosexuality is unnatural and goes against nature and our African spiritual system of beliefs. You can seek to justify it using any school of though created by the enemy you want to. Spiritually and morally its wrong .so what to do about it you can only educat and pray for them and ask the creator and our ancestors to lead them to understanding. Just think about why there is a big increase in homo activity in the black youth what does it mean. …..Lacy Ellis

EFFEMINIZATION: In order for us to be in the conditions that we are in, the black male must be perceived as irresponsible.

An oppressor recognizes that it’s far more likely that it’s the males of the species who are going to resist domination, AND RESIST IT VIOLENTLY! Any oppressor worth its weight in salt knows that you MUST destroy the males: imprison them, humiliate them, block and or retard their socioeconomic growth & development and do anything to them in order to hold a people down – Dr. Amos Wilson




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