If the letter J wasn’t invented until the 1500’s, then how is it possible for there to be a “Jesus”?

The letter “J” wasn’t invented until the 1500’s, so there was no official Jesus, John, Jacob, Jonah, Joseph, Jude, etc… in the bible.

There may have been a person by the name of Yeshua ben Yosef, but this is debatable as well because the translation means “Joshua, son of Joseph”, not Jesus.

Some may say that his name was spelled with an “I” instead of a “J” (more specifically Iesous or Iesus), but that still doesn’t make him “Jesus”.

The Encyclopedia Americana contains the following quote on the J: “The form of ‘J’ was unknown in any alphabet until the 14th century. Either symbol (J,I) used initially generally had the consonantal sound of Y as in year. Gradually, the two symbols (J,l) were differentiated, the J usually acquiring consonantal force and thus becoming regarded as a consonant, and the I becoming a vowel.

It was not until 1630 that the differentiation became general in England.” Note in the original 1611 version of the King James Version of the Bible there was no “J” letter in this Bible for because it did not exist. James was spelled Iames. Jesus was spelled Iesous.

No one wrote about Jesus until many years after his alleged death. Granted that people were illiterate back then but surely, someone could have drawn a picture or two of his alleged miracles.

I mean, really… think about the letter “J”.  Does anyone think there was a “John” living in the Middle The Fictitious Jesus | in5d.com | Esoteric, Spiritual and Metaphysical DatabaseEast several thousand years ago?

Does that mean there was no “Jesus”?

It is possible that there was a “Jesus” figure who may have been “Immaculately conceived” through extraterrestrial insemination and intervention with the Virgin Mary, which would explain his supernatural abilities, but still, one must question why no one ever wrote about him while he was allegedly alive, especially after performing all of these miracles.

Perhaps this is the same person that the Meso-Americans referred to as Kulkulcan / Quetzalcoatl. who taught the Maya mathematics, astronomy, agriculture and medicine?  Quetzalcoatl was described by the indigenous cultures as having blond hair with blue eyes.

Most likely, Quetzalcoatl was an extraterrestrial who was construed by the Maya as being a “god”. Is it possible that Jesus could fall into this category as well? Is it possible that they are the same person?

Ultimately, all religions boils down to subservience, control and conformity, which is the same template as every government.

Jordan Maxwell at the 12:27 marker in the above video: “I don’t believe for a moment that Jesus existed as a man.  The entire New Testament story is an encoded, symbolic metaphor.” Maxwell goes on to show how religion and politics are tied in together with one another.

A lack of historical evidence

There are no references to Jesus before the Jesus myth was created by the Council of Nicea in 325 AD. Granted, at the time, most people were illiterate but surely after seeing one of his many alleged miracles, at least someone could have painted him walking on water or performing one of his alleged healings.

There are no references to Jesus before the Jesus myth was created by the Council of Nicea in 325 AD (see addendum below).  Granted, at the time, most people were illiterate but surely after seeing one of his many alleged miracles, at least someone could have painted him walking on water or performing one of his alleged healings.

While the bible only dates mankind to approximately 6,000 years ago, there are numerous petroglyphs and cave wall paintings dating back as far back as 29,000 years old, which raises the question,

While the bible only dates mankind to approximately 6,000 years ago, there are numerous petroglyphs and cave wall paintings of UFOs and extraterrestrials dating back as far back as 29,000 years old, which raises the question, “If God created Earth 6,000 years ago, then why are there artifacts older than 6,000 years?”

Even the fact that prehistoric man was able to draw a “miracle” on a cave wall supports the fact that Jesus never existed.  Surely, there would be at least one single painting of Jesus’ many alleged miracles during the time he was supposedly alive.  There are none.  Zip.  Nada.

Testimony from those who have crossed over

Through numerous near death experience (NDE) testimonies, there are no religious figures that greet you nor are you judged by anyone other than yourself.  In this scenario, you see your life in a panoramic, 360 degree view of everyone you came into contact with.  Then, you see your life from their perspective.  There are no “pearly gates” and there is no Saint Peter (Ju-PETER). There is, however, an all-loving Creator.


The Age of Pisces, in astrotheology, was the reign of Jesus. Now that we are entering the Age of Aquarius, Jesus’ time has come to an end. This is why we are seeing the collapse of the Roman Catholic Church right now, which fits perfectly into the timeframe from an astrotheological perspective. For those of us who study the stars, this was not surprising at all.

According to Jordan Maxwell’s interpretation of the bible (Luke 22:10), the Age of Pisces ends when the 12 followers asked the apostle Jesus, “Where are we to go when you leave this world?”

Jordan Maxwell’s interpretation of the bibleJesus tells his apostles, “Go into the city.  You will see a man carrying a pitcher of water.  Go into the house of the man with the water pitcher.”

The symbol for the Age of Aquarius is of a man carrying a pitcher of water.  According to Maxwell, in the ancient world, no man ever carried water. “That was unheard of in the ancient world,” stated Maxwell.   “Men don’t carry water.  Women would go to the well, women would get the water.  Never would a man go to get water. That was a woman’s job.

The last supper was in the Age of Pisces (the two fish) and now we are going to go into the house of the man with the water pitcher.

Each zodiac sign is referred to as a “house”. We are now entering the house of the man bearing the water pitcher, the house of Aquarius. The Age of Pisces is represented by the two fish, which symbolize the reign of Jesus in Pisces as he fed the masses with two fish and a loaf of bread.

The bible follows these houses in direct order. For example, the “golden calf” announced the Age of Taurus while the blowing of the horns announced the Age of Aries, the ram from where the horns came from. This is also why the bible ends in Revelations because the astrologers who were involved with writing the bible knew that, inevitably, religion (as we know it) would end at this current point in time.

What About God and the Creations Story?

Even the date of his alleged birth is a lie

“It has served us well, this myth of Christ”
~ Pope Leo X

Most of the world recognizes December 25th as the birthday of Jesus but even this is a lie.

A careful analysis of Scripture, however, clearly indicates that December 25 couldn’t be the date for Christ’s birth. Here are two primary reasons:

First, we know that shepherds were in the fields watching their flocks at the time of Jesus’ birth (Luke:2:7-8

). Shepherds were not in the fields during December. According to  Celebrations: The Complete Book of American Holidays , Luke’s account “suggests that Jesus may have been born in summer or early fall. Since December is cold and rainy in Judea, it is likely the shepherds would have sought shelter for their flocks at night” (p. 309).

Similarly,  The Interpreter’s One-Volume Commentary says this passage argues “against the birth [of Christ] occurring on Dec. 25 since the weather would not have permitted” shepherds watching over their flocks in the fields at night.

Second, Jesus’ parents came to Bethlehem to register in a Roman census (Luke:2:1-4).

Such censuses were not taken in winter, when temperatures often dropped below freezing and roads were in poor condition. Taking a census under such conditions would have been self-defeating.

Given the difficulties and the desire to bring pagans into Christianity, “the important fact then which I have asked you to get clearly into your head is that the fixing of the date as December 25th was a compromise with paganism” (William Walsh,  The Story of Santa Klaus , 1970, p. 62).

If you research the origin of Christmas or any other Christian holiday, you will find a Pagan holiday that preceded it.  In the case of Christmas, the holiday was called Saturnalia, which was a week-long of lawlessness from December 17th through December 25th that honored Saturn and included human sacrifice, intoxication, naked caroling and rape. During these seven days, there were no punishments for breaking any laws, according to Roman law.

Because of the Pagan origins of Christmas, the Puritans banned this holiday and between 1659 and 1681, Christmas was illegal in Massachusetts.

In the year 4 A.D., Christianity adopted Saturnalia with the hopes that they could convert the Pagans into Christianity by promising that they could still celebrate Saturnalia as Christians. (Imagine how that would work out today). Because Saturnalia did not follow Christian principles, the Christian leaders designated the last day of Saturnalia as the birth date of Jesus.

If Jesus’ birthdate is based on a lie, what else is fictitious in the bible?

What About God and the Creation Story?

The “god” in the bible is responsible for killing everyone except Noah and his family.  This leads us to other questions, such as:

  • How did Noah gather two of every animal from the planet?
  • How was it possible to gather polar bears, penguins, and other animals that were not indigenous to the Middle East and surrounding area?
  • If Noah and his family were the only people who survived the “Great Flood” then explain the difference in ethnicity, blood types and Rh values amongst the people on this planet.
  • Did Noah take two Caucasian, Black, Hispanic, Asian, etc… people with him as well?  If he did, why wasn’t this explained in the bible?

If Jesus is the “Son of God”, then his father, through priests, popes, ministers, etc…, is responsible for millions of deaths from various crusades and inquisitions.

Another example comes from the Sumerian texts, which date back to 6,500-7,000 years ago, long before “God” allegedly created Earth:

Another example comes from the Sumerian texts, which date back to 6,500-7,000 years ago, long before

According to the Sumerian texts, mankind was genetically manipulated by the Anunnaki, who most likely have some sort of connection to the Elohim demigods in the bible. The prefix “EL” means “god” as in ArchangEL MichaEL.

That being said, I do believe in an all-loving Creator/Source, just not the bipolar god in the bible who is all loving in one chapter, then kills everyone except for Noah and his family in another.

There's a reason why the bible is the

Why do so many people believe this story?

There’s a reason why the bible is the “greatest story ever told”. While it was written by man to control man, the bible teaches morality and has good parables.  That being said, you don’t need a bible to be moral.

If a UFO landed in your backyard, chances are, the ET wouldn’t have two things in his possession: a bible or money (which represent religion and government). Think about that one…

We believe in religion because this was engrained in our mentality since birth.  In previous generations, people were labeled as heretics and burned at the stake if they did not conform to Christianity.  Why did people fall for this cult mentality?  How can any person with moral values conform to something that kills others?

Many religious people fall into this trap.  If you go to the 10 minute marker of the following video, David Icke explains how we get suckered into subservience and conformity through group think.

So who is Jesus?

I find it interesting that even Jesus’ Facebook page says he’s a FICTIONAL character.

In my opinion, I agree with Bill Donahue that Jesus is some dude in Mexico. To my Christian parents, Jesus was a real person in accordance to the biblical story. Each person is going to have his or her own impressions of Jesus, so use your own inner truth and discernment. No matter what any one else’s opinion may be, the truth is always within.

Some channelers claim to have been in contact with Jesus. This is their truth, so who am I to argue? What is truth to one person may not be the same to another.

I am not alone in the expression of my truth about religion but for many people, a predisposed mentality coupled with cognitive dissonance will over rule logical thought and comprehension. The embarrassment of possibly being wrong in their belief systems will also keep them believing in something that may not be true.

In5D Addendum: When there is a conspiracy, you can usually trace the money to find the root of it.  In the case of the story of Jesus, you can trace the bloodlines.

Astrology was well known amongst every civilization and many knew that they were transitioning from a battle-ladened Age of Aries into the upcoming Age of Pisces.  A 400 year old prophecy told how a messiah would be born and how he would lead the Hebrews out of persecution.  At the time, each religious cult hoped that this messiah would be from their religion. In order to be uncontested amongst their rival religions, one cult created their own messiah story and based it on knowledge from 100 years in the past so nobody would be able to contradict their story. In their own minds, they believed that this would give their story credibility versus the other messiah-like characters who were based on mythology.

Initially, their messiah was based on a man named Yeshua ben Yoseph (which translated means

Initially, their messiah was based on a man named Yeshua ben Yoseph (which translated means “Joshua, son of Joseph”).  Yeshua was believed to have lived approximately 100 years before the creation of Jesus and evaded prosecution by the governing Hebrew body by fleeing to Rome with his wife, Mary Magdalene and their daughter. Over 100 years after Yeshua’s death, this particular messiah cult added supernatural powers to the Yeshua character, based on Mithra, Osiris and Horus. In order to  make their cult more appealing, they added the belief that Yeshua died for your sins and that all anyone needed to do was to accept him as their messiah.

At this point in time, there were several other religious cults vying for ultimate power.  The emperor of this time period, Constantine, fought his way into power through death and deception, so he was eager to bring aboard a messiah figure who would forgive him of all of his sins through the deaths he was responsible for on his way to becoming emperor. By the year 312 CE, the Yeshua story had the backing of the Roman Empire, but there were numerous other Yeshua cults that divided them all.  In the year 325 CE, Constantine brought together a meeting called the Council of Nicea, which was comprised of all of the leaders from the various Yeshua cults in order to unify their story into one religion which would rival any other major religon. Yeshua’s name was changed to Jesus Christ, with “Christ” meaning the anointed one.    Jesus’ first name is simply the English translation of Yeshua, which in Greek, is Iesous.

The Library of Alexandria held all of the Gnostic, philosophy and religious texts from previous generations.  By the end of that particular century, all of these texts were destroyed under the auspices of emperor Theodosius, so there were no other records to corroborate how the Yeshua story was fabricated into the story of Jesus.

The Jesus myth can be summed up by a famous quote:

If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself.

What is your opinion?  Leave a comment below!




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    • Ye of little faith! Thr Shroud of Turin is the picture of Christ you are questioning. Miracles were performed. Padre Pio lived with the stigmata! You can pick & choose “facts” and taint the truth. We are in the year 2015 AD – years after Jesus death. Science does not offer full explanations for all situations and THAT proves that God is the Creator. I will pray for all of you and your true ignorance.


    • I would take it with a grain of salt. Their was writings about jesus before the flood from the Book of Enoch. These people do not have the truth.


  1. A very interesting read. I think the concept of region was and always will be man’s way of trying to get away with mind contol.
    There is no room in religion for eqaulity.


  2. Listen folks – faith is personal but let me give you an insight. Humans will never fathom God. The best is a revelation of him that you would have. God pre-existed before the foundations of the world, how then can you justify or explain him? Man were the last fixtures on this planet. So your timeline is mute, remote and limited in comparison. Jesus was ordained before this world and and there is nothing you see made without him. He was always with the one. Take this or leave it but you can’t deny you are unaware – now! I have seen Jesus, he is real ..’ He is sitting on the right side of his father. Reigning supreme over all – demons and humans and angelic bodies. This is no joke – Add up JESUS CHRIST, alphabetically – numerically – you would find out the no totals – 77. THATS A GREAT CODE!


  3. I think the analysis above are full with many confusion between bible and the human or curch interpretation. For example, the birth of Jesus. Bible never said it was december, but he conclude that it was bible lies. It was wrong decision made by church long time ago. Second, letter “j”. Letter j for jesus was translation, so how come a translation became the base to judge the real letter from jewish?
    Those are not analysis. Those are sinical and unbased and hatred comments. If Yeshua followers was making many mistake, you cant put Yeshua as your blacksheep. If church making mistake in intepreting the bible, you cant judge that bible tells lies. That is wrong and full of lies. BE OBJECTIVE AT LEAST WITH YOUR OWN HEART.


    • nouns dont get translated buddy , if i translate andri in japanese , will it not remain same?
      Islam is the true religion it tells the reality of jesus in great detail and his name was Isa


      • True, names are not transliterated into other languages and there is no letter “J” or any “J” sound in either the Hebrew, Greek or Latin languages’ even to this day. So the messiah”s name could not have been Jesus during the time he walked around on Earth. Long before the birth of the messiah he is mentioned in the bible, both directly and “indirectly” that is, in parable form. Isaiah describes the messiah in Is 53:2-6; also the so called gospels in the bible are accounts of his life when he was walking around and were written around 60AD, well before the Council of Nicea.


  4. interesting but what about the bloodline written of in the bible that gives direction to the throne of david the son of jesse grand father of solomon great grand father of menalik great great grandfather of tafari and the said bloodline of which the messiah is to come out of ; if the shepherds attending to their flock during summer rules out the december 25 birth then july 23 the birth of the lion of the tribe of judah tafari haile selassie i stands accurate born in the peak of summer this brings ?s to my mind 1 why did marcus mosiah garvey said look foward to the east for the crowning of a black king then shall u know that redemption is near & why rome invaded ithopia? can this be the part of the true knowledge untold in the bible in its fullness for ones overstanding? also rev 5 behold the lamb had prevail the only person whom was found worthy to take the book out of the hand of one seating on the throne loose the 7 seals and reveil what was written at the same time only picture proof of this bloodline is son of solomom son of queen of sheba king menilik and his son halie selassie i we see today


  5. All the language come from the African accent Juculaomesso, Its mean open your eyes. Human was so confused about the globe phenomenal thats why they didn’t have much choice in their believes and from time to time some people were able to explain the rain, wind the sun and so on but a few people they still believe in it there might be something to control us and our destiny…


  6. There is no j in the Hebrew alphabet… we learned that years ago! As seen before the devil has always tried to usurp and deny to deceive us. The devil has seen the glory of God and with his time running out… what else can he do but work over time in his deception of the masses.
    I feel sorry for these people who have nothing better to do but mock God because their souls are lost. They have fallen for the lie manufactured by Satan therefore only by prayer can the heart be changed


  7. “”By the end of that particular century, all of these texts were destroyed under the auspices of emperor Theodosius, so there were no other records to corroborate how the Yeshua story was fabricated into the story of Jesus.””
    If the above extract from your article is true to go by it, where did you get your information to dispute Jesus’s existence????
    Does if mean you also concocted your story??


  8. Any thinking person after reading the Gospel accounts of His birth it plain that 25 Dec could not be Christ’s real birthday. He obviously was born around the 1st part of October which coincides with Day of Atonement which is the entire reason Christ came.




    • Ah! Hence, the Hinduism movement to convert, kill, remove Christians (and others)from India….. Makes sense…..one subjugating religion exterminating the other. Next on the menu: honour killings, desecration of old churches, and food bans, lest others ones gods’…….


    • If you look at history and today, the only thing that offends the world is JESUS the CHRIST the Son of the Living GOD. My redeemed. And Satan the deciever has used every means possible to hide the truth including wolves disguised as sheep (or christians) but true followers of the Way strive to live by JESUS teachings and the greatest commandment. (Mark 12v29-31)


  10. This is silly….
    Obviously there was no “J” in ANY of the languages the texts were written in.
    And yes it is widely known that December 25th is a chosen date and not actual.
    Do not believe garbage people put out there…. Trust your own research. Make certain you have reliable sources…. Like THE BIBLE….. It says it ALL!!


  11. This is a masterpiece, well written with evidence. I know many things said here, those who believe in Jesus can do so but not me. If God is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and that God never changeth. Why do you have New Testaments? Does it mean that God forgot things and decided to add it in New Testaments? Or does it mean that God has changed. Read the bible very well, probably from the beginning you will observe a lot of conflicts with the verses.


    • I would like to respectfully point out that many supposed contradictions in the bible are simply a lack of understanding of cultural ways of thinking from those times.even the fact that many events in the new testament are in different orders is perfectly logical when you understand how oral traditions work. Igave up on this article a certain way in because it contains so many inaccuracies it would take hours to point them out. Yes, there is plenty of extra biblical evidence for jesus before 325 ad, george lamsa notes 19 sources, joshua and jesus were spelled the same at that time, no paintings of God were allowed (have you ever read the commandments), one pastor calculated the earth was 6000-years old and was mistaken but thekoran says mary jesus’ mother is the daughter of Moses…. dont believe these hysterical you were seeded by aliens guys.Trust God, keep seeking. Once you know Jesus you wont’t care for such writings as this.


  12. The scriptures is about time, space, people, event, history, fact, truth and revelation. One can never compare God with this scripture and the knowledge that follows. God is everything in heaven, on earth and beyond. God is everyone, every creature even the knowledge educated elites have. Knowing God or how existence came about does not follow common logic but revelation and knowing and accepting truth.


  13. So, no J means no Jesus? Well BEfORE Jesus they was the God Jupiter, then there was The Juila family of Rome, of whom Julius Caeser was a part of. Also the Jews had their OWN alaphabet so while the letter J may not have been invented as you say the J sound was. Furthermore Jesus was proven to be a living person and his existamce has been documented by the then historian Flavius Josephus.


  14. I was referred to this page. I will assume you are being sincere. So, in that vein let me briefly say that theologists, including atheists ones would have a field day with this post. It is folly to regurgitate what people like Jordan Maxwell and Ms Murdock say. Her stuff has so many errors it is not funny. The problem is the way men have distorted ancient writings. There is absolutely no evidence of the Horus and Krishna’s have similes with Jesus. To be able to make that assertion we would have to find archeological evidence of those mythical figures in Hebrew land. There is none. The founder of the ‘christian insanity’ was the heretic self appointed apostle Paul whose agenda was destroy the Jesus figure. Jesus came to end blood sacrifice, an element vital the agenda of certain people in this world. It is a mission of blood. Why do you war is provoked?

    I assume you do not know the Ossuary of James, Jesus brother, has been an archeological discovery. Or that you ever heard of Flavius Josephus (there goes the J again). Not to mention the writings of Hugh Schonfield, the famous British Bible scholar, who mocked Jesus in his famous The Passover Plot huge bestseller. Hugh Schonfield died believing there was indeed a Jesus. Mostly, no one knows this. This monumental figure has nothing to do with how He has been portrayed. Or that He came to die for our sins.

    By the way, I follow no religion, left a couple and have been doing comparative religion for 50 years. I have not even begun to scratch a decent amount of truth.

    Wishing you the best.


    • I truly believe that this earth was not neglected regarding absolute truths and laws that if followed by mankind we would have victory over our sinful nature. Just like we have Physics Law, we have spiritual laws that are beneficial to mankind. I am a believer of the Ten Commandments and particularly the Sermon of the Mount. Many of the books in the Bible are history and the books of the Psalms and Proverbs are sources that bring faith to the human beings who need faith and absolutes so that are lives can be fruitful and harmonious. As far as organized religion goes, we are warned to come out of “her”, and that is the Babylonian religion mixed with politics–those who govern and control the minds of the human race. I have experienced time and time again that if I adhere to the teachings of Spirit of the Most High God who brought us especially the Sermon of the Mount a peace and a love that is beyond human understanding. Those who have this humble nature and love God are hated by the sinister, egocentric powers that rule this earth. There is a spiritual warfare as taught in Ephesians 6. Read when you have time. I am not sure whether the name is Jesus or Y´shua or whatever, but I know that there is definite truth in his teachings. And yes, I have and many others been persecuted by the “Christians” just as Y´shua was hated by the religious leaders when we speak truth. I would say a huge amount of people who call themselves Christians do not even apply what Jesus/Y´shua taught. I remember Gandhi said that he was an admirer of Jesus/Y´shua´s teachings, but he never met anyone who really followed him. I experienced the “born again” experience that is mentioned in John Chapter 3 and it is so real. From being insensitive to my fellowmen, when I received the Messiah into my life, a new Spirit became a part of me. The next day I went into the streets and saw a man completed taken over by the spirit of alcoholism and I looked at him differently–I had a compassion that I never had before. There are people like me in this earth who go into the streets and the byways without any monetary help and we practice what Jesus taught and it is so awesome. Why is there so much hate toward us even wanting to eliminate us if there was no truth to these teachings? Proverbs 28:26 He who trusts in his own heart is a fool, But he who walks wisely will be delivered. 27 He who gives to the poor will never want, But he who shuts his eyes will have many curses.” Foolish men teach man against believing in a righteous God, but yet they offer no consolation in return.


  15. Theoretical analysis will not help. You need to encounter Jesus Christ to appreciate his true essence. I advice that people should be sensitive & respect people’s way of life, just as no one is condemning them, particularly, the atheists. Just as Christ prayed for the people who crucified him, so I pray for those insulting our sensibilities.


  16. I’m an outspoken atheist, but this is by far the worst argument I have ever read.

    The Gutenberg Bible was printed in 1450. He wasn’t omitted, just because they didn’t have the letter for his name.


  17. You are right there was a man named Yeshua in English Joshua.Yeshua was a common name of that time however to say there is no mention of him historically goes against facts.There is more evidence for him than there is for Abraham Lincoln! Tacitus wrote of him who was the founder of the christians who died during the reign of Tiberius Caesar.Pliny the Younger wrote of him.Flavious Josephus wrote of him.Julius Africanus as well.He is mentioned in the talmud as being killed for insurrection sorcery and leading people away from the true God.By claiming to be the son of God the bible confirms that they understood that he was claiming equality with God and in the bible it mentions they believed he cast out devils using the power of devils thereby confirming his miraculous power.there is a grave in east Talpiot Jerusalem that may have held the bones of James allegedly Yeshua (preressurection) Mary Juda and Joseph.so in theory and reality odds are almost certain he existed and that he was murdered by crucifixion.even the tomb of Caiaphus has been located so have relics belonging to Pontius Pilate bearing his inscription as prefect (governor) of judea.


  18. You people are so fickle and so easy persuaded from the true facts of life. Jesus did exist and stop listening to these stupid humans who claim to have all of the answers. God is real and I feel so sorry for you if you haven’t been blessed with the presence of our creator so far in your life. How about you spend your time doing some more research into Jesus’s life and stop wasting your time on the ET lie. Not saying that ETs arent real, but really, what has it got to do with Jesus…. nothing…. stop spreading your lies and get on with living a wholesome life and live in peace brother! 🙂


    • Are you sayng Jesus is stupid? That he wouldn’t know about alien life? Where did that idea come from? How do You know if
      he conversed or even more with them? They where here in
      the world Jesus made so yea I am sure Jesus knows everything about them, the galexy the universe and every living being in infinity
      so who is to say he didn’t have important dealings or common dealings with Aliens, Jesus knows every hair on every single person born continually on this earth’s head, so ofcoarse he knows of them and who knows what parts the aliens may have played in Jesus’s life
      and our history. Jesus made this world who knows how many more he may have made, His awsome power has no limits, None…
      It seems to me you already have a set idea of how jesus’s life is suposed to be, but no 1 knows that accept for him.


  19. Wow! In this age of not only information, but high speed information, how could anyone hope to float mad ravings as fact? Someone who calls themselves ‘Christian’ must of really pissed you off. However, did you stop to consider whether or not they were operating in accord with Jesus’ teachings (which you artfully stay away from)? That’s what actually draws a sharp distinction between the many permutations of what is called “Christianity” and the true spirit and purpose of Jesus’ coming.

    About that pesky old “J”. Alphabetical representation is different from pictographs or hieroglyphs. They do not convey intrinsic meaning, but only give a graphical reference for an existing phonetic expression. Hence, the creation of characters to represent what we now enunciate as Y, I and J (and all the others for that matter).

    But back to the apparent, other central gripes against Jesus. Historical data: Anyone with a library card or Internet access can look up Tacitus, Josephus and the Talmudic entries that one of the earlier posters correctly mentioned. Point being, there is, importantly, non-Christian and anti-Jesus documented history. This gives much more credibility to Jesus’ life than what many who have not taken the opportunity to understand his mission offer in attempts to discredit him.

    I must however, agree with the statement that numbers too great to express have been murdered while the perpetrators claim to be following God’s will. Funny that one response sites that Islam is the only true religion, because it doesn’t use violence as a conversion methodology. Islam is plagued with the same fanaticism in its ranks.

    Conclusion: Not only are your assertions far outside the sphere of fact, it also seems that your hatred (partly understandable in the face of all the garbage being foisted as Christ-like or Godly) has closed you off from an objective and scientific study of the very person for whom you express such vitriol.

    With love and respect to my own experience with this, I urge you to consider another looks.



  20. I should add the nothing in the quotations of Jesus or any of the “New Testam” writer even hints toward conquering lands, attacking anyone who speaks against him (guess he’s a big enough boy to handle a little criticism or himot). Nor does he ever advocate forcing anyone to accept what he has to offer. On the other hand, it is written “through love and kindness have I draw you” and again, “the goodness of God leads you to repentence”. Completely counter to much of what’s being advance as “God’s will”.

    Charity or love is a powerful weapon against hatred, selfish greed fear. Jesus did advocate the armed defense of those for whom you are responsible. He told his followers to purchase swords, but make it clear that it wasn’t about arsenal building. Saying regarding the two swords the his disciple reported to Jesus as being in inventory.


  21. I believe god is love and god is within u. Whether u r a christian, hindu, islam ,jews , shembe. The bottom line is all religions teaches same thing, love, giving, helping others, caring, doing good, taking reponsibilities etc… Why should there be arguments abt whose god is real or myth. There r ppl who reflects god by their doings and yet they dnt belong to any religious group/church. And there r leaders who preach d word of god and yet do d opposite.


  22. The pride of some blacks continue to campaign they are the only ones that matter and have been deprived of their true identity how they are the real Hebrews. What they fail to realize is their pride consumes them and how is that possible? Because God is allowing it. The Word of God explains a reprobate mind and they are turned over to themselves.


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  24. I’m going to deal with the J part since that is what is titled:
    1. As stated by the authors source the J original sound was equivalent to the I with a Y sound
    2. As should be known. Greek custom would normally add an “S” to the end of Male names to keep the Gender specific if in question.
    3. Jesus, John, Jacob, Jonah, Joseph, Jude, etc are written that way in English due to the French involvement in the English language development, But that’s not what is seen in the Greek NT and with the cultural S at the end of the name taken off you have: Ieshu, Ionne, Iekoob, Iona, Iosep. Iooda
    3b. and by the way it’s not Iames it Iakobo(s) in the Greek NT. I’m not sure where they got James from.that.
    3c. You made another mistake in thinking that the names are European. They’re not but you have made the association because you where brought up in a European world. Like people think Malik is a black name, but it’s Arab


  25. I needed this… Ran into so many inconsistencies in what I was raised to believe… this actually makes sense to me. I know there is the Creator but I am still searching for my truth. Thanx😊😊😊


  26. Very simple:

    For instance, take the English name “James” is the same as the French name “Jacques”, which is the same as the German name “Jacob,” which is the same as the Greek/Latin “Iakobos/Iakobus”, which is a culturally adapted translation/transliteration of the Hebrew “Yakov.”

    Here are the steps:
    1. Ya’akov — Original Hebrew
    2. Iakob-os/us — Greek/Latin transliteration of Yakov (there is no “Y” equivalent in Greek). The “-os/us” ending is added to conform with second declension masculine Greek/Latin nouns.
    3. Jacob — German reversion to the Hebrew original, but pronounced “Jacob” (the “J” in German is pronounced like the English “Y”)
    4. Jacques — French adaptation which is transformed for the French language in which the “J” sounds like the English “J”.
    5. James — Linguistic accommodation based upon regional pronunciation.

    You can use this progression to see how Yeshua becomes Jesus–a less complex process:

    1. Yeshua — Hebrew
    2. Iesous — Greek
    3. Jesu — Latin
    4. Jesus — German (pronounced Yesus)
    5. Jesus — English


  27. I’ve studied so much concerning this topic it’s become elementary. I’ve learned to simplify conversations. I stay off saying if any religion degrades the position of a woman, is not a good one to follow. As it concerns Jesus, only read what Jesus said according to the Bible. At that point and with an pen mind you’ll see that today’s Christianity don’t adhere to those teachings. Case and point, Jesus only said he is the Son of Man. Jesus said, “OUR Father who art in heaven..”. Jesus said and gave the time when he will no longer intercede in prayer “for the father himself loves you…” John 16:25-26, for those who still pay in “Jesus name”. Luke 17:21 “for the kingdom of heaven is within you” for those who pay out loud looking below or towards the sky or at a statue. WAKE UP! I end with Galatians 4:24. The Kjv says “allegory”. By all means read the whole chapter. Amy other version only describes allegory to mask that reality. In short an allegory is a false story made up that teaches a truthful lesson, a story within a story. That goes back to Abraham which means anything after that can only be a continuing allegory(ies) and yes even Jesus who falls under the same BLOOD LINE. The Bible was never meant to be taken literally. That’s why according to the Bible, Jesus spoke in “figurative language”, key word figurative. Only the initiated could delve into the many original papari and relate to it’s many lessons. Jesus said, “be perfect as your father in heaven is perfect” Matthew 5:48. Yet, I was taught as a child that I’ll never be perfect. In the metaphysical community Jesus is you. In fact the true meaning of the original texts is all about each individual. Search and Research.


  28. You fail to recognize your own cognitive dissonance in your zeal to disprove what you claim to be fictional. You use biblical text as Truth to argue your claims of regarding the zodiac. So, the Bible was factually correct when it supports your beliefs, but a fictional tale when it supports beliefs counter to your own? Also, the Bible in the English vernacular us a translation. You may want to do some studies in linguistics, communication theory, hermeneutics, etc. When the letter J came into existence is irrelevant. By your rationale, no historical figure whom we refer today by a name with the letter J in it could have existed prior to the 1500s. Not a sound argument. Research in western tradition only: John Peacham, or Pierre Jean Olivi. Or how about Justinian I, did he not exist because we use an English derivative of his name instead of the Greek alpahabet? You have a lot of work to do if you wish to disprove the existence of Jesus. As to the divinity of Christ, that is a matter of faith. You must move out of the realm of logic to disprove a faith-based claim. So you stand a much better chance there. 🙂


  29. I have experienced tremendous spiritiual warfares in my life as a Christian. There are spiritual entities which the Scriptures refer as demons. I definitely believe that they exist in the same manner that a loving Creator also exists who divinely placed spiritual laws/Commandments that would bring us in harmony with the Creator and with nature. If there were no truth in the teachings of Iesous or Y`shua they were ignore the “Christians” particularly the Evangelical followers who have no pope and if they follow instructions correctly they make no man an idol nor do they worship relics, statues carved out of rock. There is large segment of “Christians” who already know that Iesous/Y`shua was not born on December 25, but many continue to do so because they want to be part of the merry making of this world and can`t say no to this Saturnalia Winter Solstice holiday. The organized Christian hierarchy has persecuted the independent thinkers of Christianity because they fail to submit to the papacy and mind control of cultish groups.


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  31. This is the biggest load of garbage I have ever read. The letter J wasn’t invented until the 1500s? Are you on drugs? The letter was pronounced as an “i” or light “g”, but then was singled out as it’s own sound. And, nonetheless, this ridiculousness would prove nothing had it actually been true. In Armenian, we pronounce Jesus is with an “h” sound for the first letter. This whole blog is nonsense.


    • On drugs? No… I got off of brainwashed a year ago… I am doing fine tyvm. I honestly don’t care how you or anyone else feels about fairytales you choose to believe in. No man can tell me in a book he scribed that I was a fucking mistake that Man had to fix. Period. The Creator doesn’t make those… Why the fuck would the Creator need man to do anything… A white one at that. And not to mention, the Pope himself praying to a black madonna and child. GTFOH. The whole world is screwed and the ones that screwed it are sitting back laughing at how gullable creation is. Good day and do enough brainwashing for who I used to be😉.


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  33. You found the truth and twisted it into a lie congratulations now you can decisive the very people you falsely proclaim to enlighten. You have created an ever weaker way to empower yourself or the color of your skin when in truth it really shows how insecure you are. So close to making a difference but now as black as your skin can be you are now just as transparent as those you point fingers at,this from a man of color himself.


  34. The concept of “Immaculate Conception” that you refer to actually applies to the conception of Mary, not Jesus. It’s a very common mistake. Immaculate means clean and the idea refers to Mary being conceived without sin (immaculately.) As for trying to prove anything based on letters or the translation of names, that’s just ridiculous. We might as well say no one existed before writing existed because the letters didn’t exist to write their names.


  35. Jesus wasn’t married to Mary, nor did they have a child. If your interested in these types of topics YouTube the likes of C.S Lewis, Ravi Zacharias & Prof. John Lennox.


  36. Darkness didnt have to be let…it existed before light…so we are made to think that darkness is bad and light is the only way…for example the black cat is bad luck,dracula comes out at night time etc…Darkness is the greatest force of nature…melanated people are the strongest and most dominant on Earth…This is a fact whether u believe it or not


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