Free Yourselves from Mental Slavery!

I am going to talk  about the IGNORANCE and ILLITERACY of my RACE.  

Please, no one tell me that other RACES do it.

I could care LESS. I AM REFERRING TO NEGROES.In order to truly be free, one must have the determination to not allow others to dictate how one thinks, speaks, feels, and believes.

Now have you ever noticed that many of us will SPEND the BIG MONEY on name brand SHOES, CARS, GOLD CHAINS, etc, yet at the same time complain about how EXPENSIVE EDUCATION, FOOD, HEALTH CARE,etc. is?

Why? because many of us still have no CONCEPT of who we are, and for some reason feel that Material things will give us the CHARACTER,SELF LOVE, SELF WORTH, that so many of us are lacking.

We do NOT teach our children about VALUES AND ATTITUDE. NO! We buy them violent VIDEO GAMES ,cell phones, sneakers, and every thing else that THEY DO NOT NEED to be PRODUCTIVE ADULTS, and then when they also FAIL, WE BLAME THE SYSTEM.

I am always in AWE of how IMMIGRANTS from INDIA, CHINA, and many other countries, can leave their HOMELAND and MAKE IT ELSEWHERE, yet for many of us NEGROES, all we do is COMPLAIN, and continue to use SLAVERY as a CRUTCH, because more time WE FEEL SEH SOCIETY OWES US.

I have NOTICED how QUICK some of us are to CRY RACISM, yet we sit by SILENTLY while our BLACK MEN and WOMEN , boys and GIRLS, do NOTHING to EMULATE or UPLIFT our race.

We GLORIFY shows like LOVE AND HIP HOP, REAL HOUSE WIVES OF ATLANTA, yet when people like Dr. Bill Cosby SPEAKS up about what we should be doing, to make ourselves better, Many of us CRUCIFY HIM.

Many who do NOT have the BRAIN CAPACITY to figure out WHAT I AM SAYING, will no DOUBT draw for the UNCLE TOM card, but that is OK, as I would rather been seen as SUCH, (at least I have the CAPACITY TO THINK), than to be STUCK into a mentality that says the COLOR OF MY SKIN DETERMINES MY FATE, because that is RUBBISH.

We run up and down talking about BLACK HISTORY MONTH, yet so many of us have no CONCEPT of that HISTORY or where it even began, but we run wid it cause it meck we feel good.

What we should be is ASHAMED. ASHAMED of the fact that it is only ONE MONTH EVERY YEAR that many of us visit our ROOTS, or talk a bout the STRUGGLES made by many to get us where we are.

We should be ASHAMED that our children glorify people like BEYONCE and JAY Z, but know nothing about STEVE BIKO, APARTHEID or THE GENOCIDE IN RWANDA, etc.

It should NOT take just ONE MONTH for us to FOCUS. Many of our young boys and so called MEN can do so right now by PULLING THEIR PANTS UP, STOP ACTING LIKE THUGS, AND STOP CALLING EACH OTHER “NIGGA”,( and those who think that saying WHATS UP MY NIGGA, is different from the WHITE MAN calling a person of colour NIGGER, are just IGNORANT and ILLITERATE).

Nothing GOOD can come from a word that was used to DEMEAN an ENTIRE RACE OF PEOPLE, GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER.




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