The educational system is heavily responsible for the shaping of people’s world view

The educational system is heavily responsible for the shaping of people’s world view. We all go through school and are presented with certain ‘facts’ and are also presented with an accepted world view. If we dispute or question these ‘facts’ we will suffer in our grades, thus without us realising we are being manipulated into a ‘correct’ thinking pattern.

Much of history has been rewritten. No longer are children being taught where freedom comes from, what it cost and how it was established. Children are simply taught that democracy is freedom. The young generation is extremely ignorant of documents which guarentee freedom such as the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights. People know the names of these documents but they do not know what is actually in them or the principles they expound.

The fact today is that schools, universities and other educational institutions are vast indoctrination centers which are churning out people who are unquestioning as to the reality they have been presented and are also highly suggestable as in regards to their acceptance of the mainstream outlets of information. This is a sad scenario indeed. Now you may not like to hear these things but the evidence leads to this conclusion.

Also one point I have noticed which I find interesting is that the more formal education an individual aquires the less open minded and questioning they become. Personally I believe this is so because people wish to feel secure with regards to their present position in society. When these people are presented with an alternative world view they immediately dismiss it as false without even examining the evidence and thinking about it. An alternative view of the world is a threat to these people as it immediately puts their life and position in question and people just want to feel comfortable. Also these people have invested significant amounts of money, time and effort to gain their qualification and the last thing they want to be confronted with is a reality which will interfere with their plans. This also applies to those with a high standing in life. To be open minded and willing to challenge what one believes can entail massive implications especially in regards to this particular subject of the New World Order. It changed basically every aspect of my life, these issues caused me to step back and reconsider my life and completely alter my direction.

An important aspect which the current educational institutions do not teach is that of the process defined as ‘critical thinking.’ Critical thinking is a process of thinking that someone will undertake when presented with information, no matter what the source, they take in the information and then think about it in a critical way before accepting it as fact. Critical thinking is basically just questioning information instead of blindly accepting information. Today the majority of people blindy accept most of what they are told by so called ‘experts’ and they never even question what they are told, this can be termed as the ‘authority syndrome.’

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Now in saying all this I am not trying to devalue the education system as many important and helpful things are learned in universities, technical colleges and schools. Most of the things taught in the various educational institutions are beneficial. The problem lies in the fact that much of the information taught is biased towards a world view which is simply not true and also people are manipulated so as to never question what they have been taught. Also there is much information which simply is not taught.

Educational institutions are funded heavily by many foundations such as the Rockerfeller Foundation and the Carnegie Foundation. The foundations have heavy influence on the subject matter taught, the bias put forth, and many other areas through grants to textbook departments and other areas. Government funding also serves the same purpose. This is why one of the planks of the Communist Manifesto was a state controlled public education system. By teaching socialist ideals to the fresh young minds of a nations youth ensures a compliant and supportive population once the system is implemented. The people enduring the system will actually believe that the system is of benefit to them.




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