Do Conspiracies Exist?

The world view promoted through education, media and generally in every day of life is one that denies the reality of conspiracies. The vast majority of people in the world do not believe in conspiracies. A dictionary will define a conspiracy as the act of two or more people coming together to plot to do something that is illegal. The truth is the world is full of conspiracy. If there was no such thing as conspiracies governments would not need Intelligence Agencies, which they themselves, sit behind closed doors and secretly plot on how to infiltrate another government illegally to gather intelligence they have no legal right to obtain. Those people who reject conspiracies as real just have not thought the issue through, or they simply don’t want to believe that there are people in the world who plot the enslavement or destruction of others. If this is your belief I ask you where did Communism come from? How did Hitler rise to power?

In fact conspiracies are part of every day life. People conspire with work associates to get a better position over someone else. Politicians conspire all the time to win public favour and also for their own personal gain. Many events which happened let’s say 20 years ago are being exposed such as the government sponsored human radiation experiments in the USA. The CIA MK Ultra mind control program which was exposed in the late 1970’s is another example of a cabal of people conspiring in secret to implement an agenda which the public would not approve. Plots and actions are exposed all the time. Conspiracies are a fact of life.

Conspiracies exist all over the place. The question is not if conspiracies exist, for if they did not, we would not have that word in the dictionary. The question becomes, is there such a thing as a conspiracy to control the entire world and enslave the people in a fuedalistic and socialistic order? Also if there is in fact such a thing is it provable? Well the answer to both questions is a resounding YES!




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