On God, Religion, & Spirituality.

Why to do people try to separate God from Religion?

They cannot be separated.  You can’t say, I believe in God, but I’m not Religious because anything you do in response of you belief is a Religious act, I don’t care if it’s just you, you and a few other who believe as you, or billions of other people who share the same delusion, it’s all Religious if it’s done in the name of or in response to a God or Higher Being.

Also, spirituality can’t be separated from Religion either, (for the same reason as stated above).

That’s like trying to separate cash from Capitalism, or trying to say Capitalism would be better if not for the Capitalist. That shit is all tied together, they all feed each other.

If Religion is distasteful to you, you can’t extract God and/or Spirituality from it and run with that because all you are doing is creating another Religious Sect or Cult.


Religious, Spiritual, and Godly people are always tryna create these little trap doors to escape through and get away from the atrocities and ugliness of Religion, God, and even Spirituality.

When you bring up the history of Religion folks say they believe in God but they are not religious.

When you bring up the atrocities attributed to God and the general absurdity of the very concept of God, they then say, “I’m Spiritual, and my concept of God broader than just one man or creator,”  they try to morph God into the universe or into planet earth or mother nature.

Then if you begin to show them how Spirituality feeds dysfunction, like “the Secret,” telling people they suffer because they don’t ask the universe for the shit they need and fail to have faith that the universe will provide, they then become as dogmatic about their spirituality as the fundamentalist are about their Religion.

From the Yoga Industry to the Meditation Hustle; Spirituality and its practices are as greedy, corrupt, and even violent as mainstream Religion (see the sweatshops where all the Yoga gear is manufactured, or look at the people enslaved to produce the candles, tinctures, herbs, etc. to feed the Spiritual practices of the Spiritual Community).

You are gonna get atrocities when you elevate delusion and fiction into the realm of reality, fact, and material because delusion and fiction allows people to elevate somethings over other things without any rationality or justification, then you get devaluation and overvaluation, and that drives people to destroy or neglect what they should value and value that which has not value, or value that which dosen’t even exists.

Even you Spiritual folks do this shit. Look at the non-Religious Spirituals groups, from the Eastern Spiritual System to the Black spiritual cults like many of the Khemitic organizations around the US, they are full of exploitation, sexism, and all of the other evils you find in formal religion because when you make fiction and delusion the center of your belief or use it to justify any actions you will begin to act in very dysfunctional ways and try to call those ways righteous, enlightened, or superior to other ways.

And yes, we do find corruption and dysfunction in the secular world, and among Atheist, but we don’t have a God, angels, demons, or even vibrational frequencies, or the universe to blame for our bullshit; it’s all on us.  When we fuck up there is no divine forgiveness, the man or woman has to make things with with those they wrong, and those they wrong have to forgive you or you don’t get forgiven.

We Atheist can’t run to Jesus, Allah, or the Universe to absolve us, we have to deal with other people for such things, we also know that what comes to us is the result the efforts of other people, and that’s who we owe and are obligated to; other people and the material, natural, physical world, that’s all we got and it’s more than enough.

When we bring things down (or up) to the material level and human scale this prevents a lot of the BS and shucking that goes on when you put fictional charters with super, magical powers into the mix of human affairs.

Now, if you wanna be Godly, Spiritual, or Religious, you need to grapple with the realities of what your are dealing with because that is some powerful and dangerous shit, and you can’t just “focus on the positive,” or pretend that your liberal participation and practice of your Religion or Spirituality dosen’t feed, sustain, or justify the mass amount of evil and destruction that others you have chosen your path create.  If you claim it you are responsible for it.

Don’t tell me how you’ve found some little corner of Religion and Spirituality that’s separate or different from the Religion or Spiritual group that’s doing the dirt, that’s a cowards why of moving, call out and fix the bullshit, or abandon the Religion and Spiritual system all together.

(Sorry to be harping on these issues of late, I guess seeing so many people geared up to celebrate a Resurrection of a man who never lived as they ignore a living planet that’s dying is making me more annoyed with Religion and Spirituality than usual.)




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