On Black Internal Criticism & Historical Context.

Lemme talk to my Brothers and Sisters for a second….

We really need some perspective.  Before you post your next diss against the entire Black community, talking shit about how fucked up we are, how we are not progressing, how we are going backwards, about how tired you are of Ni99as fucking shit up for us; you really need to step back and get a wider view of history and our place within it.

First; this state of dysfunction is not only unnatural for Africans, it’s a very short and relatively minor period in our history and our evolution.  Most of the time we’ve been on this planet we’ve not only been free but at the apex of human development.  I’m not talking about being Kings and Queens, or even Gods and Goddess; I’m talking about establishing the fundamental standards for what it means to be human.   We formed not only the first civilizations but the first families, first communities, we set the standard for human and humane interaction and we are still the standard to this day.  We have been the best stewards of the land, ecosystems, and seas. No continent has contributed more to the world than Africa, and all of the modern world hates Africans because they can’t come to terms with their failure to hold Africa and Africans in the proper esteem.

But I’m getting a little off track, what I really wanted to discuss is our progress.

If you look at the history of enslavement, oppression, and colonization; Africans have been enslaved for the shortest amount of time and we have been destroying colonization quicker than most colonized people.  Ireland was under the thumb of the British for 800 years, they couldn’t hold (their colonies in) Africa for a solid 100 years!  When you look at internal colonization, slavery, and oppression in Europe, they took much longer to free themselves than we did, and they still hold many of their own Race Kin under feudal bondage.  Asia is not much better!  From the Caste systems to modern China holding millions of their own in wage slavery to make disposable shit for the West.  China is destroying its ecosystems and water sources to make iPhones for spoiled suburban White kids, and we supposed to envy their “progress?”

Africans are not unique in being oppressed we need to stop accepting, producing, and distributing the propaganda that Black people are some how worse than other Races, more backwards than other Races, deserving of our oppression, or the source of our own oppression.

We are ending our oppression at a rapid pace compared to most other colonized and oppressed lands and people.  We have many issues, no doubt, but we are, as we’ve been conditions to be; way too damn critical of our Race and too lenient towards our enemies.

Now here’s the catch: Our liberation efforts and return to our proper station is occurring at a respectable pace, but it’s not keeping pace with the rate of environmental destruction created by the Systems that Oppress us.  White Domination, aside from oppressing us and the rest of the world is also destroying and polluting all of the world’s ecosystems and driving many plant and animal species to premature extinction.   They are on track the make the world essentially uninhabitable by complex life forms within a few decades if they are not stopped.

That’s why we have to greatly intensify our Liberation Struggle, but that will not happen if we continue to tear ourselves down; if we keep up with the Self-Hate and the Self-Rejection, Africans and the rest of the world are doomed.

I’m not calling for collective ego inflation, not even for optimism; I just want us to keep shit in proper perspective and when we do engage in internal collective criticism keep that shit within proper context, and as respectful as possible.




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