Women Should Pay a Fine For Having a Menstrual Cycle

Hey, don’t get mad at me. I didn’t say it; God did. You can’t argue with God can you?
How do I know God said it? Because it’s in the Bible, stupid! In Leviticus 15:28 God basically says ‘after a woman’s menstrual cycle she must wait a week then bring him two turtle doves or two young pigeons as atonement for her menstrual Cycle.’ That’s a bit unusual, huh? Especially since God was the one who created them. He could have just left out the monthly cycle and women would have been able to save thousands of dollars on feminine care products in the course of a lifetime. Saved money = more tithes and offerings.

God may not have liked menstrual blood but he also wasn’t too fond of midgets (little people), God called them dwarfs, or people with a lazy eye or broken bones. He didn’t want them anywhere near him. I asked a local pastor what in the world was up with that.

He told me that the Old Testament didn’t count anymore and that the old laws were nailed to the cross when Jesus died. The pastor, however, didn’t answer my question at all. Why did God tell them not to come to church or come anywhere near his holy alter just because they were sick, short or had a heat rash? Why didn’t he just heal them?

“The Lord works in mysterious ways. We can’t question God,” he said.

“So God changed his mind after his son Jesus died on the cross and now everybody whether they got ring worn, or inherited skin diseases like psoriasis can come to church and praise God; even make an offering. Why wasn’t I good enough for God when I was sick, I asked?

The preacher became visibly annoyed. But I still wanted to know what made God change his mind.

“Well in Leviticus 21:16,” I continued, “God said his rules were to last for all future generations.” God also said ‘I am the same today, yesterday and always.’ “Which meant ‘I ain’t changing my mind, so don’t keep on asking  me.” Then He changed his mind. Why would God back peddle? And if the Old Testament no longer counts doesn’t that include the Ten Commandments?” I asked, a bit more confident now.

“No, you still must keep his commandments.”
“But you just said the Old Testament was nailed to….”
“Look!” he cut me short. “I have to make a phone call.”

I started to ask him if he was going call God because he sure as hell wasn’t answering any my questions. “One more question,pastor. Is the Old Testament God the same as the New Testament God?”

“Of course,” he grinned at being able to emphatically answer a question.

“Well somebody gave God a makeover. I mean, He completely did a 180 on all his rules and regulations. Maybe it was Jesus who talked some since into him.”

The preacher shook his head at my cynicism and walked away. He probably called me blasphemous. I didn’t care. A guy like that never would have made it back in Moses’ time, anyway; couldn’t answer a few simple questions. If the Old Testament doesn’t count why do they still use it and are always referencing it? Why would God create a woman in Genesis and find her or anybody else repugnant by the time they get to Leviticus? It just didn’t make any sense. It became apparent that someone’s been putting words in God’s mouth.

God, the Creator would not have created ‘woman’ then literally charge her for the way that he created her. It begs the question; who’s behind all the confusion and lies? Who’s benefiting from the fact that people believe non-sense over their own common sense? The short answer: Follow the money! And I guarantee you it leads straight to your pastor’s door. I realized why they changed the New Testament to include everybody. They didn’t want God to seem like too much of a bigot. He’d already made the Jews his chosen people; besides sick people, Gentiles and people who aren’t perfect spend money too. I wonder if today’s Jewish men are as afraid of menstrual blood as their ancestors? After all women are still having periods. But instead of taxing them, guess what God decided to do? He invented tampons.




One thought on “Women Should Pay a Fine For Having a Menstrual Cycle

  1. The “costs” were determined by the priests of the time. Any bodily discharge apparently made one unclean. A woman who had been bleeding for 12 years touched Jesus. This made her unclean according to the law during the time, and since she touched Jesus it supposedly made him “unclean” too. After she touched him, Jesus healed her instead of punishing her for making him “unclean”.


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