Why did they cut off the Black man’s genitals?

For those of you who do not know. About 40 years ago thousands of Black men, women and children were being lynched for no other reason then being Black in America. During and after the lynching’s the Black mans penis was taken as a trophy piece; why? Because the Black man’s penis was and still is a dangerous weapon. It is his reproductive organ. And the White man’s fear was that that reproductive organ could someday end up inside his White wife or daughter. Although the victim was usually dead (but not always), his defiled body served as a warning to other Black men that may look at his White woman.

In the history of the world there’s never been an occasion where White men attacked other White men and cut off their genitals. Yet, in America, predominately in southern states this was a regular occurrence; why? Why put a Black man’s severed penis in a pickle jar above your mantle? The White male has never had a problem anywhere in the world creating what he calls “bastards” in other races but he’d murder you for looking at his woman. You see, White folks feared genetic annihilation (being f#&ked out of existence so to speak). And the instrument of their destruction was the Black man’s penis. They even created laws against intermarriage and co-habitation.

Being a huge minority on the planet, their fear was and still is that once a Black man was with his White woman she’d never want to go back to a White man again, hence the term “once you go Black you never go back.” Then, no more White children would be born only “mulatto” and eventually all “Black.” And as you can see once the laws changed, White women flocked to Black men in droves; even getting cosmetic surgery, butt implants, lip injections and dangerous sun tans all in an attempt to be more appealing to Black men.

So, in hindsight the White male was right. His greatest fear manifested. His half Black grandchildren are a testament to that. And at the rate Hispanics are pouring into the country, the pure, White race in which he’s murdered countless Black, men, women and children to sustain is slowly but surely disappearing; right along with him.



One thought on “Why did they cut off the Black man’s genitals?

  1. This artical is hallarious and 100% fictional. Dindus had their “muh-diks” cut off for raping and killing white women, which they still do today at an astonishing rate. Shegroids abort their sprogs at a rate to keep the population in check. That is why we need to keep voting for democrats


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