Obama’s Been More of a Dissappointment to Black Folks Than Jesus

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Black folks have been calling on Jesus for hundreds of years and he hasn’t saved them yet. Then God sent his other son, Barack Obama, through the clouds on Air Force One.A lot of you thought God had sent Obama down from heaven to save black folks from racism, injustice and poverty, but you soon found out it wasn’t God that sent him; it was racist white folks.

Yeah, the same people who gave black folks Jesus are the same people who gave us Barack Obama. After Bush, they wanted to put a black face on their racism. He would take the blame for the economy and at the same time maintain the status quo; white supremacy. Despite those facts, we wanted him to prevail and beat them at their own game.

I  call President Obama ‘A Neutral Negro’ when it comes to most issues he’s afraid to take a stand; especially issues that effect black America. It’s apparent he’s more then anxious to support any constituency that isn’t black. One time even crying over the Sandy Hook killings while the children in his old neighborhood in Chicago were being gunned down every single day.

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I was never one to complain about the first ‘openly’ black president. I’d always say “he couldn’t do any worse then the dozens of Presidents who preceded him.” But unlike them, he’s done absolutely nothing for the core base who propelled his rise to power. I stood in line with my kids for over 4 hours in 2008 to hear the President speak. I was hopeful and optimistic. But it didn’t take long for reality to set in.

Now, he goes out of his way not to appear bias towards the black community that’s responsible for putting him into office. At the same time, he goes overboard with his support for Jews, homosexuals, white women, etc. In fact, President Obama has done everything for homosexuals besides leaving his wife and marrying a man. As we speak, the Obama administration is negotiating yet billions of dollars more for Jewish holocaust victims…..UNBELIEVABLE! As much as they compare the Civil Rights struggle to homosexual unrest, one would think he’d be doing more.

If this President simply devoted half the energy and support to black folks as he does homosexuals, more black folks would have jobs and less complaints. President Obama takes a firm, decisive stand on homosexual issues and could care less about appearing bias. However, anything to do with black folks, he’s neutral on all issues. 

Now, six years after his election he comes up with his “my brother’s keeper” initiative. It’s designed to keep young, black males in school and headed to college. It’s a start. And I can only hope the best is yet to come. All black folks ask for is a fair shake from any President. But I would think that for a black President with two black daughters, who will have to live in this country and with his legacy long after he leaves the oval office, he’d be doing a lot more to make America better then it was before he got there.




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