black privilege



questions-alexandra-dalBlack privilege means those special rights and advantages blacks enjoy just for being born black!

Some examples from Twitter in 2013:


Trudy @thetrudz 26 Apr 2013, USA
#blackprivilege is knowing how caring Whites will inform you that “not all whites are like that” ON THE HOUR. They care about our memory!


Kokujin @Kaibutsu 25 Dec 2013, USA
@MentalOrgasm #WhatIsBlackPrivilege The ability to always have a store employee nearby – looking right around the corner.


Mychal Denzel Smith @mychalsmith 26 Apr 2013, USA
#BlackPrivilege is always having room on the sidewalk. Thanks to every single person who ever thought I was going to rob them.


The Negress @ericabrazelton 26 Apr 2013, USA
#BlackPrivilege is when you move into a suburb and whites immediately move out so you can have it all to yourself!


Zerlina Maxwell @ZerlinaMaxwell 26 Apr 2013, USA
RT @DoTPeRioD: #blackprivilege the self esteem…

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