Nubian Queens

I am a woman of colour, when I look around I see different coloured women in all different sizes, shape, shade and heights.Unique in our own ways but yet similar with a bond that holds us together. Mothers of nature with us comes forth a generation of people.

Our struggles, life experience, will and determination gives us understanding when situation arises. Quickness to exploring, strive for perfection with persistence in everything we do gives us our results to surviving.Anything we need we work with our mind for all possible solution and sets on accomplishing the task at hand.

Let us stand together and work as one, with our combined mind of knowledge we can rule peacefully. Beautiful, strong, wonderful and bold this is who we are.

Nubian Queens this is our crown wear yours with pride and confidence cause we have earned it. Our mind maintains our glorious power. With our courage and encouragement saves a nation. We are guiding hope of our people.

Don’t dethrone yourself know your worth. Stand, Speak, Love thyself with the practice, poise, humility, leadership and royalty.




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