The Energy of the Strip Club

“What’s that on her leg?”

As a higher conscious person the first thing I notice about this picture is the ENERGY of it. In one picture we can witness the willingness and tendency of a man to lower his standards. This is particularly true when you have an environment where drugs and alcohol becomes a must to deal with the situation. In that case all common sense goes out the window and a man might not notice what he normally would.

We live in a culture that has a strong “stripper” ENERGY. We seem adamant about highlighting strippers and hookers in this era. Black men have been brainwashed to think that attaching themselves to strippers and hookers makes them more of a man. Even though this is obviously not true because Black men of the past simply went to the strip club occasionally but didn’t highlight it by saturating the culture with it. This is important to note because culture reveals character. And the character of black men has seem to deteriorate over the years.

So why have Black men been convinced that they are more of a man for lusting strippers in this era? Looking at what seems to be admired most in mainstream media gives you an indication.

I wish that Black men of this era knew the importance of keeping certain ENERGIES under the bed. Once you release or highlight an ENERGY it grows and becomes more intense. In turn it will influence the mindset of the women around you. That includes both women and young girls coming up. You can clearly see the quality change in the women growing up in this era. Women will always subconsciously transform themselves into what seems to be desired. And Black women are an underrepresented group so they will be drawn to any ENERGY of praise, whatever seems to get praise they will transform into it.

I have a higher conscious mind so I know that Black men just like most men could care less about women who pimp themselves out in the adult entertainment industry. But the average woman or a lower conscious woman only goes by what is apparent and what she feels. She will more then likely subconsciously or consciously take on the ENERGY of what they are observing.

I will talk more about this, but this picture is an example of ENERGY and why there are so many STD’s in the community. Once men enter these environments and engage in the actions of the club they will “sop up” the ENERGY of what they are absorbing. In the case of strippers men are dealing with hollow bodies that are hardened and desensitized to it’s environment. Humans that exchange their bodies and souls for money. Bodies that can be “crapped on” and used by the highest bidder.




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