The Energy Of The Black Woman’s Ass


What ENERGY does this Ass and Look bring out??

You just want to stick a fork in this Ass, so a man’s dick becomes the fork. A man will want to find a way to destroy it somehow, make it react somehow. Just like the Bubble wrap you find in the box of an electronics item. You have the URGE of wanting to pop each and every bubble, you will attempt to squeeze each one. You like the sound of the bubble wrap popping and “Lord help the bubble wrap because you will pop each bubble”.

As a Black woman I feel sorry for other Black women in this era in a pity way. Black women are willing to ignore many ENERGIES just to feel represented. They feel that representation and attention translates to love. I know I have a higher consciousness, but I think some things should still be evident to those who simply think on the average human level. A person should be able to feel when something’s not right, they should be able to feel when negative ENERGY revolves around something or a certain action.

Through embracing this culture Black women have become less spiritual over the years and their consciousness remains low, which allows a man to use them without feeling guilt. This is because the subconscious mind of a man can find no use for them aside from sex. This sad fact is demonstrated within the music and culture of this generation. Black women have become fixated on serving and feeding the ENERGY of their Ass to Black men and Black men react aggressively to this teasing lust.

Black women in this era also concentrate on and fixate on Ass just as much as many men do. It becomes a strong ENERGY that leads to a man wanting to take and use the Ass that’s being dangled in front of them. Black women of this era will highlight their Ass and teasingly allure Black men with it. This brings out aggression in Black men and they will AGGRESSIVELY attack their bodies.

This can be liken to the way a cat goes crazy for a “cat nip” toy or mouse. A cat will grab it, claw it, clinch it with aggression and play with it until it gets bored.

Because I understand, absorb and dissect ENERGY, there is no surprise to me that there’s a hostility and ENERGY of Brutality when Black men speak about a Black woman’s Ass in this era.

The way that Black woman allow their Asses to be displayed and portrayed desensitizes men and they begin to forget the feelings and emotions of a woman. A man will forget that there’s feelings and senses in the Ass and vagina that can cause pain and discomfort. At the same time many Black women attempt to translate this pain and rough sex into thinking that a man is so turned on by them and like them to the point they can’t help but aggressively handle them sexually. Unfortunately, they fail to realize that any Ass brings out this aggression. But still, many women choose to rationalize their abuse, they would rather think their desirability brings out this side of men.

No, he’s fetching your Ass like a dog fetches a ball or Frisbee, its temporary. When you allow someone to use you they will push till they can push no more and they forget about boundaries. Boundaries that are felt when it comes to someone they truly respect, someone they can sense has pride in themselves.

The reaction of Black men dealing with a sense of aggressive lust, can also be liken to a dog that fetches an object thrown by it’s master. If a dogs master throws a ball or Frisbee, all a dog knows is ‘I’m gonna catch that ball or Frisbee. So when it comes to a woman’s ass all a man knows is they will ‘get it, get it’ and make it react. The Ass in this culture has an aggressive ENERGY and tantalizes men and they will make the Ass submissive through rough sex. They will have a desire to break a woman’s body down due to being teased. They will not have a desire to love a woman’s body in a caring way.


So yes, when it comes to the Ass they will beat it, destroy it, fuck*k it like a bull, fu*ck a woman until they feel pain, play with it like a surgeon, toy with it, pound it, want to stick a fork in it, wish to cave it in and break your ribs from the brutality, gape a hole in you, bring you pain, and fu*ck you like a fist fight.*. Your body simply becomes a carcass to beat on.

Your emotions are not considered, an ENERGY of “how dare you tease me knowingly, I’ll show you, takes over”.

*(For possible Black baby boomers reading this, the above is the terminology Black men use to describe having sex with Black women in this era. An era where the Ass is the main focus.)*

Black men deal with the ENERGY of wanting to pick at and beat down a Black woman’s Assbecause that’s all she seems to have to offer in this era and she will use it as a weapon to control men and their reactions.

How does the subconscious mind determine this, well when it comes to Asses Black women wave it in front of Black men like a steak. God forbid if they do so with a Jail Culture brother, a brother who is use to having aggressive penitentiary style sex. A type of sex which is brutal and does not involve care or caressing.

There are many songs that demonstrate being physically brutal to women in this era, here is a caption from Loverrance’s remix to the song “UP”

**Attention Please don’t get caught up in your rhythmic primitive ways when listening to this song, that’s the main reason you can say anything about Black women in music because they will get caught up in the rhythm. Rhythm is like spirit to this race you can’t be so primitive and animalistic that you don’t use critical thinking skills, listen to the lyrics**

I wonder what Black women think of the Universe?I wonder if they figure The Universe would allow them to create a strong ENERGY around their Asswithout the same ENERGY coming back to them.

Again this is why many Black women are getting their Ass BEAT, DESTROYED and Abused. This is why they have vagina problems. After doing research into aggressive brutal sex many women who allow this type of ENERGY into their lives not only suffer trauma similar to a rape victim but they get Bartholin Cysts and other conditions they fail to realize they will get due to rough sex. Though many women suffer the trauma rape victims suffer, they convince themselves it’s enjoyable because it’s in line with how they are being programmed a man is suppose to handle their bodies.

It’s not until their vagina reacts by displaying trauma that they regret their actions.

Bartholin Cyst are pus filled cysts that will develop on the vagina lip. The following is very Graphic With Graphic pictures and details enclosed.



When you support a culture that promotes treating you with disrespect and you don’t respect your body, you give a green light for a man to take out his frustration on you. The Universe will allow this, and it becomes deadly because many Black men have a lot of aggression they feel in life that they would love to release.
When I think of the ENERGY of this culture it is clear that Black men are choosing to take out their aggression in a sexual way. When you couple this with the fact that drugs and alcohol often play a role, it makes the actions and consequences more severe, because the person becomes more desensitized while high. They will not be conscious of how severely they are harming your body.

This article is just an opener, this is a complex issue that I will be talking about more. Many people don’t understand how they Metaphysically draw certain ENERGIES to themselves based on their actions and/or passiveness.

This article points out how the Black woman’s Ass brings out aggression in men due to the aggressive strong way they DISPLAY IT. I will later talk about how the lack of spirituality and the low standards of Black women in this generation makes it easy for a man to abuse them. I will connect how a Black woman’s support of this culture, equals harm to her body and spirit.

Yes I’m shocking but always real, because the Universe speaks through me and I speak about METAPHYSICAL ENERGY, which dictates a level that is DEEPER than people are willing to go.

Be safe, Demand Respect, and Don’t Support a culture that has an ENERGY that will result in you being abused, both physically and emotionally. 




10 thoughts on “The Energy Of The Black Woman’s Ass

  1. Loved this lesson Goddess. Peace unto you and I pray your lessons reach masses. Thanks for the gem. I’ll be sharing this peice.


    • This is a great article on the energy of a woman’s assets. You hit It right on the head. I believe that if more people were conscious of their energy then we’ll be in a better world. The power of a woman’s booty is only a small fraction of her temple. The heart and spirit of a woman creates even more energy to sustain a man, and his family!! I talk about this in my book , “7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire.” Go to my site to purchase:


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