What’s In My Water?

This is not a game



What is fluoride?

Fluoride, simply put, is mineral commonly used in toothpaste to fight cavities. Or so we’ve been told.

Our water and food supply is slowly killing us.

Putting fluoride in water, which they do, isn’t the only way to expose us to this toxic chemical. Fluoride is also found in:

1. Mechanically deboned meat

2. Pesticides (farmers/gardeners beware)

3. Food

4. All Dental products, even floss and mouthwash including the “natural” dental products

5. Tea…yes the tea you drink


This post is yet another expose on how the system of white supremacy targets us. Please educate yourselves on the hidden dangers of food and water. Invest in a water filtration system if possible. And once again, please stay away from The Fast Foods Industry.

Next: The Dangers of Chemical and Airborne Manganese and GMO’s.

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