Should Little Girls Be Twerking With a Grown Man Giving Instructions?

The culture of New Orleans has two faces. One is an elegant blend of french and southern style living. Where you can find amazing food and there’s always a Beignet, Daiquiri and a good celebration. But then there is the not-so-favorable side of the culture of black New Orleans, which is very different from the branded “New Orleans” experience that has come to represent the city.

Bounce music, at first listen, is very annoying and redundant,  but it’s very popular in New Orleans right now. The children are exposed to the bounce and the dancing that is associated with it at a young age. While it’s not meant to offend people, if you are not local, you may see it as child abuse. The raw energetic style of music goes undetected in popular culture, but if you look very closely, you can see its direct influence in pop culture.

In this video, there are young teens and girls dancing to New Orleans bounce music in what looks like a camp of some sort. It is the culture of the community. This is their expression of dance. In most cases their parents, were on the sideline dancing a long with them. It’s New Orleans, baaaby.




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