An Address to the Four Kinds of Negroes

African Blood Siblings

Listen Siblings, I come in peace,

“There are several kinds of Negroes in this country whose idiosyncrasies retard the progress of the race.” — John Edward Bruce

In 1899, John Edward Bruce distinguished Four Kinds of Negroes (Africans): The Jealous Negro, the Ignorant Negro, the Smart Negro and the Loyal Negro. Whichever you are, he and I and several others want to speak with you. It is first in the correction of ourselves that we can correct others. As usual, enjoy this reading and many others, make use of the many contact forms on this site to engage us in conversation, and recognize yourself as an instrument for uplifting our race, whether in handing our flyers, handing in donations or lending a hand to building for self. We can secure a Prosperity for ourselves, we can accomplish unparalleled greatness, we ought to ground ourselves in our own knowledge and…

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