Rastafarian Flag Meaning; Red Yellow Green Lion

King Selassie I

King Selassie I

King Selassie I is the Lord and Savior of the Rasta People. The same way Christians look to Christ as their lord and Savior, is the Same way that Rastafari look to (Ras – Tafari) King Selassie I as our Lord and Savior. I love you King Selassie I.

225 direct descendent to sit upon the Throne of King David

Who is claiming lineage of Christ and King David? King Selassie I is the 225 direct descendent to sit up on the throne of King David, as appointed by the Most High.

The Garden of Eden, and Ethiopia.

It is said that the garden of Eden rests in present day Ethiopia. The Rastafarian flag is a flag of so many truths. The Rastafarian flag is actually the flag of Ethiopia, Ethiopia is a holy land, where Jah created his first man and first woman. Read more about this in my book “Rastafari Beliefs and Principles”

Lion of Judah

The lion of Judah is depicted on the Ethiopian flag. But what does this Lion really mean? The lion is actually a representation of King Selassie I him Self. King Selassie I is the great lion of Judah. King Selassie I title at his crowing November 2nd 1930, was “King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Conquering Lion of The tribe of Judah, Elect of God.” Oh King Selassie I, I and I love you.

Red Yellow and Green

Single words that represent meaning of the Rastafarian, Lion of Judah Flag

  • Divinity
  • Unity
  • Jah
  • King Selassie I
  • Ethiopia
  • Victory
  • Royalty
  • Riches
  • Truth
  • Spirit
  • Love
  • Eternity
  • Zion (Heaven)
  • Purity
  • Power
  • Strength
  • Righteousness

I love this list, it makes me feel good inside just to read it.

The truth of  God

The Rastafarian Flag is the Truth of God. The Rastafarian Flag is the original Ethiopian flag. The original Ethiopian flag colors order was red yellow and then green, as chosen by Emperor Menelik I.  The flag was changed by people not of the Ethiopian monarchy. Why? I don’t know. You can read more about the original colors of the Ethiopian flag on Wikipedia.com. The good news is, because of the spiritual beliefs of the Rastafari people’s, the original Ethiopian flag has stayed very much alive. I love my lion of Judah Flag.

7 Truths about God according to Rastafari


The Rasta Lion of Judah Flag represents the truth about God. The truth about God…has many different angles…here are just a few…

  1. Gods real name is Jah. Check Psalms 68 verse 4 (King James Version)
  2. Jah is a Black African
  3. Jah is in the Wilderness (in Nature) as stated many times in the King James Version
  4. Jah sees and knows all things
  5. Jah protects and guides those who love and honor him
  6. Jah is love, Jah is peace
  7. Jah is All mighty and All powerful

To learn more please read my ebook Rasta Way of Life.

When I look at the Rastafarian Flag….

When I look at the Rastafarian flag I see so many beautiful things…

lion of judah copy2

  1. I see my lord and Savior Emperor Haile Selassie I
  2. I see the History of Africa
  3. I see black people
  4. I see Jah
  5. I see a spiritual powerful Entity
  6. I see Rastafari
  7. I see an eternal light of truth

What is Rastafari?

Rastafari is the name of the spirituality of people who follow King Selassie I. King Selassie I birth name is Ras-Tafari. He is the Rasta Peoples lord and savior.

What are some of the beliefs of the Rastafari People?

  1. Rasta does not eat meat
  2. Rasta does not swear
  3. Rasta are pro-life, even for little insects.

I once had a Bee fly into my room and rest on the window sill on the inside. I knew he could sting me, but I decided not to let fear, make my decisions for me and to trust the Most High. I let the Bee stay there. The next day, he was gone, and he didn’t come and sting me during the night, like I was afraid he would. To learn more about the Beliefs of the Rastafari people, read How to Become a Rasta or White Rastafari.

Is there anything Rastafari people do different from others?

Yes, The Rastafari people do not believe in cutting their hair as this is how we honor Jah. We Salute our Ancestors who walked before us by chanting, or by lighting an incent, during special dates or Rastafari.

 Jamaica and Bob Marley

The Rastafarian Flag also represents Jamaica. The reason is many Rasta who love King Selassie I come out of Jamaica. King Selassie I, of Ethiopia visited Jamaica in April, of

bob marley freedom flag, jamaican flag with bob marley, rastafari flag

1966, and now Jamaica is considered by many Rasta to be blessed. Therefor the Rastafari flag now Represents Jamaica. Also, Because Bob Marley was a Rasta, the Rastafarian flag may be considered a flag of Bob Marley and The flag of Reggae Music.

Jah Love, and Jah Bless.



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  1. I’ve read just about all of your recent posts since I subscribed last week. I have enjoyed this post in particular; I love learning about different beliefs/religions. Thanks!


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