Rastafari Stereotypes & Myths!

10 Rastafari Myths and Stereotypes!!!

  1. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAll Rasta Smoke Marijuana – Not all Rasta smoke herb. This is optional. Some Rasta smoke herb, to smoke, and to avoid smoking cigarettes, some smoke herb for relaxation. Marijuana is not a requirement, but it is popular in Rastafari culture because it can be smoked and is natural.
  2. Rasta have Dreadlocks Because they are dirty – Rasta have dreadlocks to honour the Most High Jah.Rasta man Just like some people wear a turban to embrace their culture, or wear religious symbols…Rastafari wear their hair in dreadlocks. Rasta are very particular about keeping dreadlocks clean. So, becomeing a Rasta is not an excuse to be dirty or to express uncleanliness. Rasta love to be clean. That is just how we are.
  3. All Rastaman come from Jamaica – Not all Rastafari people come from Jamaica. Some come from Italy, some from Germany, some from Canada, some from America. Jah does not choose Rasta by country, but by the heart of the Individual. He knows at their conception whether or not they are fit to be a Rasta and to deliver his message to the people.
  4. You have to black to be a true Rasta – This is an absolute myth! Many Rasta are of “mixed race” many Rastafari are Caucasian, some Asian, some African, some East Indian. Rastafari comes from all ethnic backgrounds!
  5. Rasta men have “a lot of Women” – Actually any man telling you that he is Rastafari and that it is his faith to have more than one woman…doesnt knkow his own faith, and is not a true Rastafari man at all. Rasta men know that Jah made man and woman to be together as a unit and to share a marriage bed monogamously. A true Rasta man follows the life and example of King Selassie I and Empress Menen as how men and woman should live in the faith. King Selassie I had just one Queen! Read My Book How to Become a Rasta to Learn More.
  6. Rastafari is just a phase/fad – Well, Rastafari may  be a phase or a fad for some, but not for those who are born as Rasta.
  7. Rastafari is not a “Real Religion” – Acutally the truth is it’s the other way around. Religion is not real…only Rastafari is real. Relgion is divisivebecoming rasta, white rastafarians and full of lies. Rastafari has always been (Nazirite vow) and will always be. Rastafari is the only real faith on the planet. Truely.
  8. Bob Marley was just an Outlaw with dreadlocks  – Bob Marley was a messenger. A lot of people like to negatively stereotype Rasta because of our appearance, and our lack of “dressing to impress.” Do you think when Jesus was on earth and working for the Most High, he cared about his Attire. Rasta are here to do the same…we have locks because that is how we honor Jah!
  9. rastafari empressOnly men are allowed to be Rasta – This is a definite myth. I told my friend who I hadn’t seen in years that I was now a Rastafari. The first 2 questions he asks me are….”Is your Father a Rasta?” I was like “no!” He was like “You have an ex boyfriend who is Rasta?” I was like “no.” Women don’t have to come into the Rastafari livity through a man. There are plenty of women who embrace the faith all on their own, just as Rasta men do.
  10. Rastafari Believe King Selassie I is God! – Well this is true, but not in the way that you may think. Rasta knows that King Selassie I is the face of God, and that he was sent here as Rasta are also sent her to do some very specific things concerning Africa. So, when we Say King Selassie I is Jah, we mean he is the expression of Jah, the face of Jah, Jah come in the flesh. Ok so he is Jah! Revelation mentions the Lion of the tribe of Judah is to lose the 7th seal. Who is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah? That is King Selassie I. His crowning title is “King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah.”




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