How to Tell if You are Rasta

Rastafari is a spirituality. Any body can have it. There are asian, black, white, and indian Rasta. But there are some ‘staples’ of things that all Rastafari feel and like. So I created a list for anybody who is wondering if they are in fact Rastafari. I made this list very fast sorry for any grammar or spelling mistakes.
1) Deep and special love for black people
Most Rastafari have a deep and special love for the black African Nation. Why? It’s just the way that Jah the Most High designed us. I’m sure it has something to do with the fact that Adam and Eve were both black Dreadlocks Rasta too.
2) Love your self
Rasta love themselves. If you are Rastafari you will value your self as well. For some reason since the day I started my locks my life and behavior changed. I began having more rules for my self of what I would not accept, and what I would not accept from other people, because I love myself.
3) Love Jah and keep his commandments
Rasta people love Jah and keep his commandment. We know he is always watching us. We do not want to disappoint such a powerful entity, who has the power to decide our destiny.
4) You know the people in bible were black
Ask any Rasta and they will tell, that Moses, Jesus, Solomon, The Queen of Sheba…were all in fact black. Rasta knows things many people do not. It’s just BABYLON tricks to lie to the people. Rasta is here with the light of truth, sent by Jah The Most High himself.
5) You find eating meat disgusting
If you are Rasta you will find the eating of meat to be nonsensical. Meat is flesh, what the difference eating a cow, or eating a person, eating a pig or eating a dog, it’s all flesh! Would you eat a human arm after someone fried it up and put some onion on it? Not me, so I don’t eat meat either. If people like it, that is ok, but as per my spirituality, we as Rasta have to keep the temple clean.
6) You don’t like to see others angry
imagesCA6227MZThis is a big one. Rasta does not like to see others around us fighting or arguing. I can tell you that I have gotten between 2 strangers who were about to go to blows at least 2 times in my life. When I was a kid I would stop bullying from occurring. I just think anger does not come to anything positive, so I try to stop it from occurring. This is veryRastafari.
7) You know ‘the Babylon system’ corrupt
The Babylon system is the system that we use today, to buy to sell to vote, to make money, its our school system, the churches, etc. Rasta knows there is a lot of corruption in these sytems. In other words these systems do not dictate equality, or truth. Just brainwash, and conformity, to turn us into Robots. If you agree that the Babylon system is corrupt, you might be Rastafari.
8) Your main goal in life is to get into Zion
It is the goal of every Rastafari, black white, old-young male or female, to get into Heaven (Zion) We are born like this. Rasta know Zion is real and that The Most High Jah roams there. Must be a nice feeling to hang around the Almighty in all his love and all his glory. Actually yes, I KNOW that it is. If you too want to get into heaven, you might be a Rasta.
9) You don’t mind long hair to honour Jah
Rasta manOne of the Principle’s of Rastafari is to grow your hair into dreadlocks and then to let it grow very long and to never ever cut your hair. This is in honor of the Most High and King Selassie I of Ethiopia. The dreadlocks are a physical representation of the promise, or the covenant that Rasta have with The Almighty.
10) You love Rasta Reggae music
I love Rastafari Reggae music. Rasta Reggae music is music created by people who are Rasta. Here are some great Rasta reggae music artists to check out on
  • Alboroise
  • Bushman
  • Tony Rebel
If you could listen to Rastafari Reggae music for a week straight for 3 hours a day, and not get bored. You might be a Rasta.
11) You love to eat Jamaican food
Well, I could be wrong about this one, but I think most Rasta love Jamaican food. The non meat parts. I love to eat Rice and peas and earth food. Rasta vegetarian cooking is called ‘Ital.’ Many Rasta say ‘Ital is vital.’
12) You think dreadlocks are beautiful
jason-momoa-dreadlocks2I have been loving dreadlocks since I was 2 years old. When I was 10 I was suppose to grow my locks, but My Jamaican Granny told me she is not going to have any Rasta Granddaughter in her house. I love my granny so I didn’t house.
13) You enjoy spending in nature in silence
Rastafari people love nature. Many Rasta have many plants in their home, and love to take walks through forests and on the beach. If you love nature and it makes you feel relaxed, You might be Rastafari.
14) You know that Ethiopia is a holy land
Every Rasta can sense that Ethiopia is a Holy land. It does not get the credit it deserves, but it is Holy. Did you know that The Garden of Eden rests in present day Ethiopia? Could you imagine visiting the place where Adam and Even were? Oh Jah I love you.
15) You value freedom in all senses
JamaicaRasta value their freedom. This is why we do not like to conform to the Babylon system, or punch in punch out, and this type of tracking and that type of tracking. Freedom is one of the greatest gifts Jah gave to his people. Freedom is paramount to happiness. Freedom to speak, freedom to create, freedom to express, freedom to love, freedom to live as we see fit, freedom to be what you want. ‘Freedom of Self’ is one of the 10 Principles of Rastafari I talk about in my book called ‘White Rastafari’ – it’s not ready yet though. lol I hope you enjoyed reading this Article. Remember Jah loves you.

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