‘When a lion eats a bad person and it’s not killed, tomorrow it will eat a good person’(Zambia-Lozi)

Lions are not human; they can’t differentiate between a good man and a bad man. So, if you choose to spare the life of a lion because it kills your enemies; one day it will eventually kill your friends or even you. Yes, I mean you!

In life, there are many things around us that are as dangerous, deadly, destructive and harmful as lions. If you fail to destroy the lion in your life or around you because it looks friendly to you and terrible to your enemies, tomorrow the lion may show you its other side.

As from today, always endeavor to support a course against anything that is harmful or hazardous to the community; don’t just mind your business or sit on the fence because it doesn’t concern you. Say no to abortion, drug abuse, child trafficking, child molestation, rape, inhumanity, corruption, war, cancer, HIV/AIDS, terrorism and the rapid increase of child mortality in Africa.

Let’s join hands to put an end to these deadly scourges (and many others) in Africa. Save a life today.   Help someone who is about to be killed by one of these terrifying and merciless lions ravaging Africa. Please, do anything you can to stop the lions from killing another person today. Remember, ‘when a lion eats a bad person and it’s not killed, tomorrow it will eat a good person’.




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