“Kindness dies out if it is not observed by both sides” (Uganda)


Before relating with anyone today, ask yourself ‘am I kind enough?’

Over the years, your creator had been so kind to you for giving you the gift of life (even in many situations that you prove to Him that you do not deserve to live). No matter how bad, evil, cruel, hostile and ungrateful you are, He keeps extending His kindness to you. When last did you thank Him for His kindness?

The best way for you to reciprocate His kindness is to be kind to others. Don’t wait until people show you love before you believe that love exists. Nothing stops you from being the first person to show the world that true love exists. Show love to the people around you today. When last have you told your parents, partner, friends, siblings, spouse, employers, clients or neighbors that you love them or that you really appreciate them for being part of your life?

Do you say ‘thank you’ to your maids, employees, cook, drivers, teachers and many other people who offer you quality services? Try it this week and see how it works. Remember, ‘kindness dies out if it is not observed by both sides’.




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