Why Women and Children Don’t Listen to Positive Black Men

Male deer will grow antlers for the main purpose of battling with other males. They will lock antlers and test their strength during the mating season.

In some cases, a male will grow antlers so large that the other males will simply not bother challenging him. This allows that male to have the right to breed with the female deer in the group and pass his genes to the next generation.

I just saw a video that irritated the hell out of me. It’s actually an ENERGY I’ve been observing from Black men who call themselves the “good guys”. An ENERGY that needs to be checked and corrected. I wish a Black man would stand up and do the “checking”, that would be more appropriate, but I will still attempt addressing this situation. Hopefully it will penetrate the minds of some Black men who consider themselves to be good quality men.

First, you cannot, cannot, cannot tell Black women what to do and have them listen. To me the fact that more positive Black men attempt to do this shows that many of them have been affected by the paradigm shift that has affected this race. They just don’t know how to be the stronger gender. They don’t believe they have the power to change this race as men. I think this is very sad in fact, it’s almost unbearable to witness.

They have to realize they are not the ALPHA men of the community and understand the ways to change this.

For those who are confused, picture this scenario……

Let’s take it back to Africa for a moment because I want to speak about this in terms of a tribe.

In this tribe you have men, women and children. You have elders of both sexes, young adults and children.

Now imagine the tribe being in chaos. Many of the women of the tribe seem to have no moral compass, the same applies for many of the men. The children are watching and the elders have been dismissed, because they have been silenced for so long and the young adults have come to dominate what represents the tribe, and what goes on in the tribe.

Are you absorbing this?

Ok, so in the midst of the chaos negative/weak Black women cannot resist the Alpha males who are negative Black men. In turn, they become harder and harder spiritually due to the actions and treatment of these negative Alpha men they cannot resist. At the same time, negative Black men continue their negativity and destruction of the tribe because the negative/weak Black women accept them. This is occurring because positive Black men aren’t exerting their dominance over negative Black men.

Like all female animals, many of the women in the tribe can’t help being attracted to what appears to be the Alpha male. In the midst of being able to hypnotize Black women and control them, negative Black men begin to grow a distaste for these Black women and develop a lack of respect for them which is shown as the tribe continues to be destroyed.

Negative Black men in the tribe do not understand nor care what they are doing. They resent the chaos they create but will not step down from being considered the Alpha male. It’s the only thing that makes them feel powerful despite their weak leadership and mating decisions.

Here’s the thing,

The negative Black men of the tribe should not be in the Alpha position in the first place, they should not be in the position of dominating the women and directing the youth. They should not be in the position of being able to reproduce with the women of the tribe over those men who are more positive.

In any case, the chaos negative Black men create destroys the quality of women and children in the tribe.

So what happens?

As the negative Black men, who seem dominate, continue to.be negative, negative/weak Black women not only grow harder and harder spiritually, they begin to take on the negative qualities the Alpha negative men display.

The elders are confused, feel dismissed because they allowed the young adults to run the tribe and the children are learning from the negative Alpha men and the negative/weak women who have the strongest voice and ENERGY in the tribe.

Guess what positive Black men are doing?

They still want to feel a connection with negative Black men because they mirror them physically. They also want to live vicariously through them because they are the one’s given power and seem to be on display. But in addition to this, they become fearful of the negative Black men. They become fearful of them because they seem to have a strong ENERGY that cannot be penetrated. They seem to have a strong ENERGY that can’t be penetrated because despite them being negative they seem more respected by the women of the tribe. This emasculates the positive Black man into inaction and passiveness.

In some cases, a male will grow antlers so large that the other males will simply not bother challenging him. This allows that male to have the right to breed with the female deer in the group and pass his genes to the next generation.

Negative Black Men have FIRST RIGHT to the women and children in the community because Positive Black men don’t exert their dominance over them.

Whatever group of men who seem to dominate the women in any surrounding ALWAYS comes across as the alpha men……… ALWAYS.

So guess what actions positive men take?

They step over the negative men who are causing chaos in the tribe. And turn to the women of the tribe who are the weaker sex and say “What the hell are you doing”, “You must change your ways”, “I know I seem like the weaker male but listen to me…… listen”

How do you think the negative/weak Black women and children of the tribe react?

They ignore them and continue to concentrate on the negative Black men in the tribe who come across as the Alpha males and try to find ways to tame him and be chosen by him. While the children inspire to be like them. Neither of them listen to the positive men or women of the tribe.

The point is no matter what you have been taught, led to believe or think, the ALPHA men of the race rule.

Message From the Universe

In the Black race via this culture. negative men have the appearance of being the Alpha men of the race. Just as they do in the Black community where positive Black men cannot tackle the problems with crime, negative Black men seem more dominate in that area too. In an ironic twist that is based on illusion many Black women feel safer around negative Black men because they seem stronger because they are not passive to crime like many positive Black men, but instead they seem to control it. This is temporary and their negativity leads no where, but the activeness of negative Black men create the illusion of strength.

The women will listen to the dominate man because he is Alpha, so if a dominate man says:

  • Show your ass, they will show their ass
  • If the dominate men say have my baby (Even though they won’t take care of the baby when it comes) the women will listen
  • If the dominate man says strip I will give you money, the women will listen
  • If the dominate man says become the male version of him, the women will listen.
  • If the dominate man says hop on one foot, rob, steal, take drugs, “ride or die with me” a woman will listen.
  • If the dominate man gets tattoos the women will follow
  • If the dominate man promotes being a hustler to get money the women will follow and become hustlers
  • If the dominate man promotes the use of sex to control someone the women will learn and follow
  • If the dominate man has a disregard for his children the women will follow

It’s a cycle that will befall your people. Who’s complaining at the end of the day, but positive Black men and women two ENERGIES who have weak voices and no perceived strength. You have allowed negativity to become empowered, and you will suffer the wrath of this until you come against it. You have allowed a force that is outside your tribe, one that is stronger than you to assist in highlighting negativity that befalls your community and you will suffer the wrath of this.

Negative Black men have control over the spirit of the women of your race. The more dominance negative men have, the more the women in their surroundings will take in those ENERGIES and transform and mutate in a negative way.

Negative Black men teach the women and children of their environments how to act and showcase themselves. The women of their environment will mutate and become just as negative. All femininity, humble meekness and spiritual strength will melt away from the women of your tribe. The children will grow with negative mentalities that allow them to possess the ENERGY of negative men of the tribe.

Until positive Black men stand-up and become the dominate Alpha men they will not lead nor influence women and children of the tribe, negative Black men will..

Positive Black men must distinguish themselves from negative Black men and they cannot support the negativity of negative Black men by being passive to them.and their actions. They must lead by example and free the tribe of chaos by proving why they should be dominate.

How to Apply this

Over the years more positive Black men allowed negative Black men to seem more dominate by taking over this culture. The culture created by it’s people is the driving force behind any race or tribe. People within a race look to the culture in order to be directed on how to act, look, talk and think. Negative forces in society have assisted with creating the perception that negative men are more dominate and are the ones that should be listened to. Positive Black men must tear this down by not supporting any ENERGY or form of media that make negative Black men seem more powerful than them. They must destroy their sources of power in order to reveal their true weakness.

You cannot support a negative man’s:

  • Music
  • Appearance on shows, (if they are going to be featured on an award show you cannot watch it)
  • Endorsements
  • Style of dress
  • Way of talking
  • Their mentalities or
  • How they behave

In other words, you must attack all things that give negative Black men the illusion of power over you. When you do not do this, you will be forced to settle for the carcasses of Black women after they have tricked, picked through and discarded by taking in the illusion they were with the true Alpha males. They will come to you used, weary, worn out and hardened spiritually. This is approved and supported by the Universe, because the Universe created women to be the seekers of the most dominate Alpha men to create offspring with. No matter how mutated the perception of what the dominate alpha male is, women will seek them out.

They will always walk over and use men who are perceived to be the weaker men, just like other female animals do in the wild.

This is a complex issue that has many layers, but the point of this article was to get positive Black men to understand one of the main, most primitive laws of nature that explains the mutated phenomenon of Black women picking the wrong men, while dismissing more positive men. It was designed to give positive Black men more insight as to why Black women and children will never listen to them and why they seem to be ignored. I will address at a later time more layers that help make this a disastrous occurrence of supporting and picking negative men a continuous problem in our communities. So disastrous it creates cycles that effect generations.

I will also address how women like myself could only wake up a small fraction of Black women. Even my ENERGY is not strong enough to come against an Alpha Male. Nor is the ENERGY of Maya Angelou, Iyanla Vanzant, Sista Soulja or the voices of other Black women who are trying to penetrate the minds of negative/weak Black women of the tribe. Our voices seem mute or soft when it’s up against the ENERGY of the perceived Alpha male.

This is why negative Black men have such large egos and do not complain like more positive Black men do.

The lack of being able to penetrate, is the same when it comes to Black men who try to come against the ENERGY of negative Alpha males. Black men like, Louis Farrakhan, Umar Johnson, Professor Griff and Bill Cosby, cannot come against the mass programming negative Black men give to the community because negative Black men have been placed in what seems like an authoritative, powerful position and rule over the culture.

Realize Black women and children have become what they were suppose to become over the years, due to being exposed to the ENERGY of negative Black men who are Alpha men in this community.

Tear Down the Culture——Face Negative Black Men——Claim your right to dominance in the Tribe!



9 thoughts on “Why Women and Children Don’t Listen to Positive Black Men

  1. The premise is noteworthy. Yet there are elements that your view misses, such as African Americans do not have a self-defined Culture. The Culture we practice overall is one of post-industrial capitalism survival strategies. Therefore your solution of positive Black Males dethroning negative “Alpha” males is too simplistic and would only serve to further the chaos while driving a viable solution to this dilemma further out of reach. I am sincere when I say that there is a solution that will present less chaos and create stronger Black families that will naturally subjugate the negative black male dynamic, that your piece accurately discusses. I thank you for writing this. Peace, Respect, Love and Joy to YOU.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You’re entire article is dead on point. The next phase in the positive evolution of the tribe is for positive males to take on the Alpha role. But the problem is the reason that the majority of Alphas today are negative is because that’s what’s promulgated by white supremacy. Positive Alpha males are not given the media coverage, monetary compensation or the appearance of power that are presented to negative males by white supremeist that want to see things happen exactly as they are. As you mentioned, positive males need to understand all of this, and take thier Alpha roles.


  3. 1000% agree that positive males need to stop fearing negative men and start destroying their status. However, they shouldn’t waste their time trying to tell women what to do. Women don’t just follow strong energy, they make decisions on what to follow. Women are smart enough to know what to do for themselves, especially positive women because they’re actually doing it! Positive men should therefore seek them out, and probably have her check the negative women.
    You’re right, men should be standing up to check each other. As a man I see another reason this doesn’t happen: loyalty. Many positive men feel they have to shut up in the presence of domineering guys because to some degree they wish they were them! It’s like the negative ones are checking them for masculinity, and of course they want to be judged favourably. This needs to end, and it will only when we make decisive actions and don’t give a fuck if negative men don’t like us.


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