Black Men and the Weave Weapon

Currently my hair is natural with no chemicals. I’m wearing Braids but when I don’t have braids I choose to straighten my hair with heat opposed to using a relaxer, but I must say this about what I call “The Weave Weapon”.

First, let’s be honest most Black men don’t care about weaves. If you tricked the average Black man and asked him if he liked weaves he would say “No” because it’s the politically correct thing to say and weaves represent fake hair. If you came back the next day and asked the same man to quickly name 5 Black women he finds beautiful in 10 seconds, 4 out of 5 of those women would have a weave or wear weaves on occasion.. It’s important to ask this question with a timer, so the person can’t think about his choices which means it comes from his subconscious mind.

It’s a good trick to try on a Black man, because it would reveal many truths and the madness of attacking Black women with weaves has to stop. Even though there are many women who choose hairstyles simply because they like them. Black women will only (AND ALWAYS) mutate into what she thinks will attract the attention of Black men.

Black men attacking Black women because they wear weaves has only become a weapon used when they’re pissed off at Black women and looking for a way to attack. It’s like a couple fighting and bringing up things in the other person that could be considered a flaw. Things each person lives with and doesn’t mind living with until they get pissed off, or feel attacked and need a way to insult the other.

Do Black men have the ENERGY of resisting women with weaves? How many Black men think women with weaves are beautiful and say “I like the video of “such and such”…… but all the women in the video have weaves? How many weave wearing women have openly been admired by Black men?

Take a look at this picture, here’s another man who likes to use the weave weapon:

The Black Girls on the Left and Right Have Weaves

Would he have featured a woman with an afro, dreads, braids? No, because he’s showcasing women who have a “crossover ” appeal,Women who would be found attractive by most men. This brings the average Black man the most sense of power.

So in essence many Black men have transferred their brainwashing onto Black women

The problem is Black men would say this woman is pretty:

But their eyes would light up and pop out their heads when they see this woman:

 Or This woman:

This woman would be Passed over and would not get noticed at all:

Unless she morphed into this woman:

Here’s a comment that reflects that truth about how many natural haired women are treated:

I am sorry to say you feel this way towards black women, because they have natural black women such as myself, don’t ever get approach by the same men that say they hate weave, if anything they chase it, then complain about it! I say it like this actions speak louder than words, if you don’t like it then why chase it in the first place.

A Note To the Small Minority of Black Men Who Truly Like Natural Hair

If you really like women who have natural hair you would have to convey that message to Black Women by  supporting women with natural hair and giving them strength BEYOND WORDS! Fight for these women OPENLY. You would have to challenge and come against Black men who give more attention to Black women who have long hair or wear weaves. This means you would have to be honest. You would have to open your eyes and realize your true obstacle is convincing other Black men who like women with long hair (weaves) to feature and encourage the natural hair of Black women. Most Black men who claim they like natural hair send mixed messages by openly admiring women who wear weaves right along with Black men who really don’t care if a woman has a weave or not, as long as she’s attractive. Ask yourself do you really care if a woman has a weave or has it become a weapon? You must also ask yourself: Do you really just want to attack women who have weaves that look fake.

How Many Black Men Care that Meagan Good wears weaves?

 She even wore a weave down to her ass on her wedding day:

Stop Lying and Trying to find a way to attack Black Women

My Brother Doesn’t Like Weaves But Loved Naomi Campbell Growing Up!

That’s a Wig By the Way, I personally don’t like Wigs but I would not Bash her for wearing one

Welcome to Evolution

I want to point out that even if Black people weren’t slaves and were never oppressed, it’s 2012, Black women by this time, would have realized they could manipulate their hair in many ways. Just like White women who have straight hair realized they could perm their hair to get curly hair. And White women with curly hair realized they could relax their hair to get straight hair. Any race of women mutates and realizes they can style and color their hair in many ways. It’s called technical evolution. In fact, many Ancient African women realized they could straighten their hair using mud. You can’t keep women in a box in this evolving world.

Black Women Are Trying to Be White Women

This is another argument that is completely ridiculous. You have White women all over the media, in magazines and in constant exposure. Now ask yourself, when you go to Black communities, or come across the average Black women does she seem to have the demeanor and gesturing of a White woman? Do Black women who wear weaves flip their hair all around and try to sound like a White Woman? NO, Now ask yourself would it be easy for a Black women to emulate the essence of a White woman due to them being in constant exposure? Yes…………………….

So Understand the ENERGY of my Theory and Change Yourself and the Mindset of your Brothers before coming to knock on the door of Black Women POINTING FINGERS.

Note to Black Women

I love the fact that more and more Black women feel comfortable wearing their hair naturally. I know it’s hard to do so in a culture and race that does NOT promote natural beauty. I know it’s hard when many Black men say you look “cute” but their eyes pop out of their head when they see a long haired woman. Never let anyone beat your spirit down, while they’re telling you to self-reflect encourage them to do so too. I know that many of you who wear weaves simply do so because you see another woman wearing one in or out of the spotlight and you like how it looks. You should be free to do what you want with your hair and not feel chastised.

My ideal outlook for Black women is the ability to have a Pam Grier ENERGY. Like Meagan Good,  Pam Grier is another woman Black men have embraced and would never come against, because they know they are full of it. They would NEVER label this woman as trying to be White and though I don’t like wigs I love the ENERGY of her switching up her hairstyles simply because she could and wanted a different look. She was not in a box.

She would go from Afro:

To Straight Weave or Wigs:

To Afro Again:

And Everything In Between:

One of my skilled trades is that of a licensed cosmetologist and all I encourage women to do when they wear weaves is to find hair that represents their hair texture, even if they choose to straighten it further with a flat iron. They have hair textures that represent the kinkier hair texture of Black women. You could have a weave that looks like above. And ALWAYS have your weave cut in a style right for you, as well as take away the bulk of the hair.

You Should NEVER aim for this Ridiculousness:

It’s too thick

I say this because in addition to the Weave becoming a weapon, most Black men who attack just aren’t bright or eloquent enough to express how some weaves look ridiculous and there are women who pick textures that are beyond belief and clearly don’t look like the woman’s hair.

Take Care, Stay Strong and Don’t Let ANYONE Beat Down your Spirit!




4 thoughts on “Black Men and the Weave Weapon

  1. Me and my partner just had a full blown debate about this as I was reading this to him one paragraph at a time. He is more of a natural woman type of guy. I am natural and have been since 2009. Even when I straighten my hair he doesn’t like it. It’s not for the fact that he doesn’t like straight hair but it’s because he knows what my natural hair is like. Anyway we had a lot to say it’s way too much to put down here. But I do agree with you about men chasing women with weaves and they say they don’t like it. If they saw that same woman with their natural hair would they still find them attractive? It’s the same issue with make-up, men have no idea what most of these women look like without make-up. The one issue my partner raised is that if I asked a man to name 5 women…… There aren’t many women in the public eye that don’t have a weave so they are immediately trapped there in their choices.


  2. Black men have built absolutely nothing for you, black woman! They sit and complain about weave all day long. You say black women will always do anything and everything to catch the eye of a black man? Black women are DOOMED. Because the Black Man is toxic and is trying to make the black woman look as bad as possible lr. That is why he’s on media and TV slamming weaves.

    The black man is evil and for him to like weave yet get online and trash the black woman like she’s not even human for wearing one is pure evil. Stop making excuses for him. Think about your Sisters instead. Help them. Stop trying to explain the evil actions of BM to black women.


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