To my Husband

The merging of our souls began many million years ago. We continue our relationship in each lifetime. A love electric magnetic attracts our frequencies together, our marriage is between our souls not just our bodies. No matter how I try each life, I always feel incomplete, I only find peace when I found you. It is easy to believe that life is only what we see, the truth is we are blind to what surrounds us. No matter what we have done, we are on the collision course to find the one, our destinies were intertwined before we arrived here. It is not a question of age, the things that join us are the same, the truth is, the connection is beyond our understanding. When we made the decision to merge both of our paths, I am glad I made the decision to choose you with my heart. The love I have for you is what has sustained me over the years, it is good to have something to look forward to each lifetime. As we grow older on our path I look forward to the adventures to be unmasked, we have truly chosen for ourselves an interesting story. Wherever I maybe, I am thinking of you as part of me, I wear a smile upon my face as I am happy.




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